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salt lake city vacation

Are you planning your Salt Lake City vacation? How exciting! I know you will have a great Salt Lake City vacation if you plan ahead and do a good job of planning. Here is your ultimate guide to planning your Salt Lake City vacation so you can be well prepared for the big trip.

Before you plan your trip

Here are some questions to think about before you plan your trip:

1. What kind of weather do you like? Salt Lake City is in the desert and therefore can be up to 105 during the day in July and August so if you don’t like heat, but want to also avoid cold or too much rain it is best to come during May, September or October. That said, it usually rains at least 1 day per week during those months so the trade off is knowing that you may get rained on.

2. What kinds of activities do you enjoy? Salt Lake City is a haven for outdoor activities as well as museums, gardens, indoor sports, and other similar things. Knowing what you enjoy doing and would like to do before you plan your trip is always a good idea.

3. Will you be renting a car or not? If you want a lot of flexibility or want to visit the Great Salt Lake, or Park City or the mountains without hiring a tour guide, then you will need to rent a car. Otherwise, Salt Lake City has great public transit, as well as Uber and Lyft so it’s not absolutely necessary.

3. Will you be bringing children? Salt Lake City and the rest of Utah has lots of children so it’s no problem, just know that whether or not you bring children will have an impact on how you plan your trip. Check out Fun Things to Do in Salt Lake City for Children.

4. Do you want to stay in a hotel or an airbnb? Salt Lake City has an abundance of both. However, if you aren’t renting a car, then your hotel options in downtown Salt Lake City will be better. Note that most airport hotels are not very accessible to public transit and so if you want to go downtown or go around the city and do anything, then you will want a car if you stay at an airport hotel.

5. How long will you be staying in Salt Lake City for your Salt Lake City Vacation? Too many people stay here for only 1-2 days. We recommend at least 3 days if not more like 4-5 days. Then you can spend 1-2 days on our hop on hop off sightseeing tour and take the rest of the time to explore the city, visit our museums, explore your family history, check out the canyons and more.

Packing Tips

Here are a couple of questions to ask and things to consider before packing for your trip to Salt Lake City.

1. When are you coming? If coming during the summer you want to bring mostly hot weather clothing, unless you will be going to the mountains and then you will want a jacket or sweater. Rain if it happens will be very brief and so an umbrella is not necessary. However, if you are coming in May, September or October you will want an umbrella as rain is more likely.

2. Salt Lake City is considered a fairly large city so pretty much anything else you can buy at home, you can buy here.

3. Less is more so avoid bringing the kitchen sink. Yes really it’s not necessary to overdo it.

While you are in Salt Lake City

1. Have fun.

2. Check out the Visit Salt Lake information center at the Salt Palace at 90 South West Temple for visitor information.

3. Consider also doing a tour of our state Capitol building. It’s beautiful and contains many architectural displays and displays on the history of the state of Utah. Plus the grounds are beautiful.

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