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Great Salt Lake Tour

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Explore Utah’s Wild Side

Are you interested in going on a Great Salt Lake Tour? Many guests who visit Salt Lake City express an interest in the Great Salt Lake. However, the lake in and of itself isn’t really all that great. You can’t swim in it because you will float with all the salt, and quite frankly, it stinks and there are lots of dead fish and birds lying around.

That said, Antelope Island is surrounded by the Great Salt Lake, and this island has lots of antelope, of course, but also a variety of other animals. So instead of a tour that only visits the Great Salt Lake, you want to visit Antelope Island as well.

The time of day that you visit the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island is also important. Some tour companies schedule tours in the early afternoon at times such as 1:30, 2:00, 2:30 and 3:00. This is a mistake during the summer and even into the fall. It is very hot at that time of day and there are lots of bugs. So ask yourself, do you really want to go visit a hot stinky lake during the hottest time of day?


Would you like to go on a Great Salt Lake Tour in the evening when it is cooler and you can watch the sunset and enjoy seeing a variety of animals when there are minimal bugs and insects? Watching the sunset at Antelope Island will give you an experience you will never forget, and many people say that the sunsets on the island are among the best in the United States. Furthermore, the animals hide during the heat of the day and come out to welcome you in the evening.

To schedule a time for your small group tour, contact George at Wasatch Mountain Services, or you can charter our double-decker bus or open-air bus with a group of up to 70 and enjoy yourself on the island and the Great Salt Lake.

Note: these tours take 4-5 hours and cost a minimum of $240 even for 1 person. They are also booked on demand only. So it’s best to contact us in advance. We can take up to 6 people in our red van. It’s $250 split between groups of 4-6.