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Historic LDS Locations in Salt Lake City

Are you here on a religious journey to the Salt Lake City Temple? Or maybe just visiting from right outside of Salt Lake City Proper? US Bus Utah will take you out of Temple Square and into the city to view the lesser known LDS sites. The following four locations are not far off of the Us bus Utah hop on hop off tour.

4. The Lion House

The Lion House was built in 1856 and was the family home of Brigham Young, the second president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Young was also the first governor of the state of Utah. The home gets its name from the lion statue over the front entryway. The rooms are decorated with beautiful antique furniture, making The Lion House a perfect place for your event. By combining the premier hospitality of our staff and the history and elegance of the Lion House it is a must visit location.

This should be your first stop on a tour of Salt Lake City. Located right next to the Temple, the Lion House is one of the many LDS church historic sites that can be rented out for any event. You can also use this site to schedule an appointment for catering or booking the venue visit

3. Gillian Garden

This LDS garden is full of art and floral landscaping. The sculptures use the natural landscape to form few introspective art pieces that leave the viewer wondering what sparked this creation? A child expressed his feelings for this Mormon church history site in writing: “If you want to be brought down to earth in your thinking and studying, try to make your thoughts express themselves with your hands.” – Desert News

Child went to incredible lengths to obtain huge stones weighing up to 62 tons for his sculptures. He had great respect for the natural beauty of his materials. He traveled the state, scouring mountainsides and streambeds for “a boulder in which I could put over the idea and tell the story and still have it a stone.” Child often hired large trucks and heavy equipment to extract the stones and bring them to his

2. The Joseph Smith Memorial Building

This stunning LDS site is a must see location on any salt lake city bus tour. This building also contains three restraints and a theater where you can watch various church-produced movies.

Utah, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building was later named in honor of Joseph Smith, the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement. It is located on the corner of Main Street and South Temple in Salt Lake City. It is now a social center with three restaurants: The Roof Restaurant, The Garden Restaurant and The Nauvoo Cafe. – wikipedia

1. This is the Place Heritage Park

Of all of the LDS Church History sites on the list this place this is the number one must see location. It is even says it in the title “This is The Place”. The history of this park is rich with many stories of the settling of the salt lake city Valley.

The location of the park is where, on July 24, 1847, Brigham Young first saw the Salt Lake Valley. This would soon become the Mormon pioneers’ new home. Members of the LDS church believe that shortly after they were exiled from Nauvoo, Illinois, Young had a vision. In the vision, he saw the place where the Latter-day Saints would settle and “make the desert blossom like a rose” and where they would build their State of Deseret. –wikipedia

Don’t Forget that US bus Utah can get you to any of these Historical sites in salt lake city.



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