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US Bus Utah provides a hop on, hop off bus touring system for those visiting Salt Lake City. The US Bus sightseeing tour of SLC will take you to many famous landmarks such as: Temple Square, the State Capitol, a state-of-the-art library, Liberty Park, University of Utah, and more. Also, relax and enjoy a top-notch dining experience with the best restaurants in Salt Lake City. Our goal at hop on, hop off bus Utah is to make your vacation a memorable, so join us for the best sightseeing bus tour in Utah!

Click the numbers below to see an image of each stop!

Note: due to city bylaws there are no physical stop signs at the stops.

Note: We have changed some of our stop numbers and moved stop 1 to Council Hall at the Capitol Building. We are working on redoing the numbers on the map.


  • 1. Council Hall
  • 2. North Capitol Hill
  • 3. The Cathedral of the Madeleine
  • 4. Governor’s Mansion
  • 5. Rice – Eccles Stadium
  • 6. Utah Museum of the Fine Arts
  • 7. Fort Douglas Military Museum
  • 8. Natural History Museum of Utah/Red Butte Garden
  • 9. “This is the Place” Heritage Park
  • 10. Utah’s Hogle Zoo
  • 11. Trolley Square
  • 12. The Leonardo / Library Square
  • 13. City Creek Center
  • Hilton Flag Stop
  • Sheraton Hub Stop
  • Pioneer Park/Hampton Inn
  • 14. Gateway center / Clark Planetarium
  • 15. Salt Palace Convention Center
  • 16. Lion House
  • 17. Family History Library/Temple Square
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