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Buses for Sale


This replica of San Francisco streetcar from the turn of the century is for sale.
 Built in 1995, it is powered by Natural Gas engine built by Cummins. The current millage is 195 000 miles.

It was owned by City of Chico, CA. As a city government bus, it was regularly maintained. 
Nice, clean and environmentally friendly. Seats 25 – 28 people. 
Interior is made of oak wood and with the brass railing, it gives the riders a memorable 

The trolley is equipped with a good quality radio/CD player, which can also play tracks from USB thumb drive. The original ceiling speakers were disconnected as they did not sound very good. We use large box speakers underneath the seats.
 We use this trolley bus for city tours, charters, special parties, family reunions, weddings, etc.

We operate the trolley only about 5 months every year. We replaced the brakes and air suspension system last year and installed new steering box. 
Front tires are brand new, rears are only one year old.

Recently, we replaced the Computer Ignition unit.
 We’re selling this beautiful vehicle as we move our operation to southern Utah, where there is very 
limited Natural Gas supply. The CNG tanks are still legally usable for next 7 years. In 2025 the tanks have to go for an inspection and their life can be then extended for another 3 years.

The trolley has just one working AC unit at the moment. The other unit never worked and the one unit can easy cool down the trolley up to 95F outside temperature. The working compressor in the trolley is 3 years old and it was installed as brand new. If you want both units working, the new compressor is about $250 + the labor+ the A/C Freon gas (about $65)

The brass railing inside needs to be tightened and re-riveted in several places. It needs to have a couple of wood spot repaired (sanding and varnishing).

Asking price is $14,000 although depending upon your location we may be willing to negotiate a little bit.

Buyer responsible for vehicle pick-up or shipping (we can ship the vehicle to your place for a pre-approved fee) Note: Due to the CNG gas tank on this bus it cannot be driven outside of the Western United States without being shipped to you on a flatbed trailer or with similar arrangements.

Shuttle Bus

This is a very nice and clean shuttle bus, FORD Econoline 1986, but well maintained with only 59 000 original miles. It was a government bus then a retirement home bus.

FORD V 8 7.2 liter engine, it had a recent tune-up. It has a handicapped ramp and working AC. (needs to be recharged). 4 front seats will be re-upholstered before sale. Seats 23 passengers and has a large separate luggage compartment in the back. Asking price: $6,500 (firm).

Serious inquiries only. Please do not bother if you do not have the money up front to pay for the bus or buses, and if you do not either already have or plan to get a CDL license or own or work for a company that employs CDL drivers.

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