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Why Downtown Salt Lake City is a hidden secret of things to do in Utah

Salt Lake City is commonly recognized for many attributes including the convenient national parks, world acclaimed snow conditions and cookie cutter cultural demographic. Yet Salt Lake has never been known for its downtown urban lifestyle until now. Where Utah’s population grew 7.94% from 2010 to 2015, the fourth-fastest growth rate in the nation, with 70% to 90% of growth each year due to immigration of the millennial demographic ranging the ages between 23-30. This incredible growth is credited to 3 things said directly by the University of Utah economic department. Health care, retail, and government aren’t exactly the largest attractions for a younger demographic but rather families in general overall contributing to larger demand for urban entertainment.

Millennial Nightlife

Millennial Metropolis

New Regent Street coming Fall 2017

Eccles Theatre











Between the historically redesigned Regent Street or the Bonneville hiking and mountain biking trail only a minute north, Salt Lake has become a major attraction to an energetic and youthful crowd that is creating an excitingly new revitalized presence to the American city. Within a mile distance you can choose between seeing The Lion King at the Eccles Theatre or artists like Arianna Grandeperforming at the Vivint Smarthome Arena but if the arts aren’t exactly your taste, we can guarantee the food will be. Any connoisseur is guaranteed to find a soft spot with a wide variety of dining selections to select from.

Taste the equivalence of gold at the legendary Mexican restaurant Red Iguana or try an assortment of unique craft beers at numerous sports bars offered downtownMaxwell’s on Main Street is a great place to catch the NBA finals or if you want a piece of the action yourself check out a Jazz game just down the street. Possibly you meet a cute girl and rather than drinking a beer with a few mates a finer dining experience is more suitable than try out the Cheese cake factory or the best sushi in Utah at Takashi. The nightlife doesn’t end at dinner while Utah recently opened a new bar called the Lake Effect that can make a cocktail that will impress anyone.

Regardless of your age demographic or preferences, downtown salt lake provides more than things to do but something enjoyable for everyone. So, don’t be too surprised to find that downtown salt lake city is growing for the better in every way.




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