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What You Must Know Before Visiting the Salt Lake City Tourist Sites

Salt Lake City Tourist Sites

Are you getting ready for a trip to Salt Lake City? If so, then you probably are planning to visit at least a few of the Salt Lake City tourist sites. While you can plan your trip and just show up, there are some key things you really should know ahead of time in order to have the greatest trip to Salt Lake City possible.

  1. There are more Salt Lake City tourists sites other than Temple Square and the Great Salt Lake. Yes, really. A lot of people don’t realize what all of the things are that you can do and see in Salt Lake City.
  2. No you can’t walk to all of the tour sites. If you don’t have a car, or even if you do, you still want to take a sightseeing tour. If you could walk everywhere, then where won’t be any need for our Salt Lake City sightseeing tours.
  3. There are a lot of free things but also a lot of things that cost between $5-$15 so plan on spending some money but you won’t need to spend a lot.
  4. Most of the museums and other tour sites close by 5 p.m. everyday or most days of the week. This includes Heritage Park, The Natural History Museum, and Red Butte Garden. However, Temple Square stays open until 9 p.m. So visit Temple Square last if you are short on time.
  5. Most of the main attractions in Salt Lake City are either all outdoors or a part of them are outdoors. So come dressed appropriately for the season of the year and the weather.
  6. You don’t have to have a car. Between pubic transportation, walking, and taking a sightseeing tour, you can visit most of the main sites. The Great Salt Lake and antelope island is one of the main exceptions. You can’t go there without a car or without taking a tour that goes there.
  7. Salt Lake City has a lot of activities and tour sites that focus on education and the arts. So if you like those kinds of things, then you will love visiting Salt Lake City.