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What to do In Salt Lake City, Wild Wednesday

When you are wondering what to do in Salt Lake City on a Wednesday, or any day for that matter, O’shucks should be your first stop for sushi, beer, and billiards. Located just off of stop E, of the US Bus tour, just south of the City Creek Mall, you will find one of the best bars in Salt Lake City. O’shucks is located underground and has a great atmosphere for relaxing and playing some pool.


Sushi in Salt Lake City

On Wednesday’s you can get sushi rolls for $3, yes I just said $3. O’shucks has a full sushi bar and different specials everyday though out the week. This is a Restaurant in SLC you will want to visit every time you come to Salt Lake City.  This is a locally owned business and their staff is always friendly and helpful. O’shucks has been around since 1994, founded in Park City, Utah, by a local couple. No matter your age or your status, you will fit in at this bar. You can expect to see businessmen, college students, tourists, and locals enjoying a great meal. You can get all the sushi you want and still have enough money for the rest of your trip. There isn’t a better deal anywhere in Salt Lake City.


Beer in Salt Lake City

If you’re looking for an amazing deal on beer in SLC, O’shucks is the best deal that you will find in town. For $3 on Wednesday and Tuesdays, you can get a 32oz beer for just $3. These beers will make your feel like a king, with your schooner cup. For a cheap price and a local friendly crowd, this is a bar in SLC that you will be telling your friends about. You just got a sushi roll and a huge beer, for $6, no one can beat that on a Wednesday. They also have live music and comedians though out the week to make it a dinner and a show. This pub in salt lake city has some of the best beers for your money;  good thing you have a ride on the US Bus to take you all around the city so you don’t have to drive. I recommend getting lunch here or ending your day after the tour ends at 4:30pm.

Billiards Bar in SLC

If you were to ask the Salt Lake locals, what are some things to do in SLC? They would send you this way. O’shucks restaurant is split up into two sections as you walk down the old stairs, you can go to the right and get sushi, or to the left, for the bar and billiard room. No matter where you are in the restaurant you can get sushi, but it’s the best of both worlds. If you want the loud crowd watching the big game, you go to the left. If you are having a nice quiet lunch, you go to the right and sit at booths close to the sushi chefs. No matter where you are, you will be walking around with a big cup in your had. The party at O’shucks bar goes till 1am and is open at 11am.


O’shucks is a friendly place to come and relax without feeling pressured or out of place. After a long day exploring the city downtown, this bar should be on your places to visit. You can end your trip here and get some food and beer to complete the night. There is no better location, connected directly to the history of Salt Lake City, O’shucks is located underneath the Brownstone Building, which used to be an old bank. For fun times and cheap sushi in SLC, O’shucks should be on your list of places to eat in Salt Lake City.

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