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Visit the Natural History Museum of Utah

When visiting Salt Lake City, there is much to see and normally not enough time to see it. US Bus Utah offers a chance for riders to see the more notable locations throughout the area and do so in a timely fashion. US Bus Utah is a great way for families, friends, or co-workers to spend some time together and take in the beauty of Salt Lake City. While there are many stops throughout the bus tour, I believe that everyone can enjoy the Natural History Museum of Utah which is located on the eleventh stop of the US Bus tour. It offnatural_history_blurers beautiful scenery, amazing exhibits, and an enjoyable time for any individual. This museum is a must a see, it overlooks the Salt Lake valley and offers beautiful sightseeing as well as its’ amazing exhibits. It’s location in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains allows viewers to put into perspective what this valley could have looked like hundreds of thousands of years ago.

 The Natural History Museum of Utah

The Natural History Museum of Utah provides a one of a kind view into the amazing history of Utah. Established in 1963 on the University of Utah campus, this museum has worked hard to earn the accreditation Natural_history_insideof being Utah’s state Museum. In 2011 they relocated the museum to the brand new Rio Tinto Center in the foothills above the university. This Salt Lake City museum offers a wide variety of one of a kind exhibits that are as jaw dropping as they are educational. This museum offers ten exhibits year round and adds special exhibits for a few months at a time to bring in new aspects to the facility.

Museum Exhibits

This museum offers ten different exhibits giving visitors a wide variety of natural history that has existed throughout Utah. The assortment of exhibits provided gives individuals a chance to view an unbelievable collection of over 1.5 million historical objects. For example, just a few of their exhibits are the First Peoples of Utah, Past Worlds: Dinosaurs, Gems and Minerals, the history of the Great Salt Lake, and much more that will keep any visitor entertained for as long as desired.Natural_history_dinosaur One of the more notable exhibit artifacts is the Allosaurus fossil which was found at the Escalante National Monument, the Grand Staircase. Utah offers many different species of dinosaurs throughout its rugged landscape and is said to house a “T-rex” burial ground located near the Escalante National Monument where the Allosaurus was found. By visiting the natural history museum‘s website, located here, you can find out what special exhibits are currently set up and plan your trip through the museum. Throughout the museum hands on exhibits are present as well, allowing visitors to experience environmental change for example, in the Land exhibit by showing the erosion of sand with water. They frequently offer events that are hands on also, allowing visitors to handle certain species of bugs or the opportunity to view historical artifacts that are not always on display for visitors.

When visiting Salt Lake City there are many places to visits and sight-see, but I believe the Natural History Museum of Utah is one location that can offer both the beauty of the Salt Lake Valley and a fun,educational experience with family and friends. Let US Bus Utah get you to the most notable locations around the Salt Lake area while allowing you to sit back and relax without missing the beautiful scenery. Give us the chance to give you a little taste of what Salt Lake City is really all about. For more information on the Natural History Museum of Utah, please go to or the Natural History Museum of Utah website to plan your trip today!