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Visit Hatch’s Family Chocolates

Explore the amazing historic avenues of SLC

Hatch's Family Chocolates

While riding the US Bus around Salt Lake City, you’re able to hop off and on at various stops. You will have the opportunity to make a stop at the Cathedral of the Madeleine. The cathedral is right at the bottom of part of SLC called the avenues. AfterCathedral of the Madeleine visiting the cathedral, you may be in the mood for something sweet. Take a walk for a few blocks up into Salt Lake City’s historic avenues to Hatch Family Chocolates. Treelined streets and historic houses will greet you along your way. On 8th avenue you will find a little chocolate company with some local chocolatiers who make tasty treats.

Hatch’s Family Chocolates

Once featured on The Learning Channel’s ‘Little Chocolatiers,’ Steve and Katie Hatch are little people who have a history of chocolate making expertise. The skills have been taught through four generations since Steve’s grandmother became a professional chocolatier in 1917. The Hatch family continues that legacy of making very good chocolate.

When you visit Hatch Family Chocolates, their hope is that you leave your troubles at the door. They wish to establish an environment where you are able to enjoy some of the finest chocolates and desserts in the world. They say, “Life is indeed too short, remember to take a moment for yourself and enjoy the little things.”

Hatch Family Chocolates isn’t just another candy store. They specialize in many different kinds of treats. They serve many drinks from coffee to Italian sodas. You can get some ice cream by the scoop. As far as tasty chocolate treats go, you can have truffles, fudge, shakes, or even a sundae. I am pretty sure whatever you choose will be delicious because of their chocolate recipes.

If you go to Hatch Family Chocolates on a Monday, they have free entertainment from 7:00 PM until they close. “Magic Mondays” as they have been called, includes a magician, Elias Caress, and a great show! Children will love it because of the balloon art. I recommend that you try their famous hot chocolate! Since you may be visiting during warmer weather and may not want a hot chocolate drink, try it frozen!

Hatch Family Chocolates

To have a look at what can be made by the Hatch’s in their little chocolate factory before you go, you can learn more about what the Hatch family has to offer here.

After you’ve had your fill of chocolate, you may want to bring some home for later. Hatch Family Chocolates creates variety chocolate boxes and other take-alongs that you can take back home for the family. Take some of their delicious chocolate recipes home with you!

History of the avenues

While on your way back to the US Bus stop from Hatch Family Chocolates, take some time to explore the avenues. You will have the opportunity to see some of the oldest houses in the Salt Lake area. The avenues were the first part of Salt Lake City to deviate from the established standard 10-acre block. The first houses in the avenues were built during the 1850’s. Many of the houses in the avenues are from 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 stories tall. Many of the houses have large front porches because of the era they were built in. There is a lot of history in the avenues that can be experienced.

There are over one hundred different architect-designed homes that can beSLC Avenues found throughout the avenues of Salt Lake City. Many of the houses were built with as many a three or more others per lot. Later on, many of those lots have been further divided to add more houses. The area was originally designed for the middle class population, but evolved to fit a rather diverse mix of all income levels.

In recent years, there have been many people purchasing and upgrading the older homes in the avenues and making the area much more like what it once was. Many of the homes have been recognized in the Salt Lake City Avenues Historic District.

Visit the Hatch family at Hatch Family Chocolates while exploring the historic avenues of Salt Lake City today! You’ll love it!