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Utah’s Hogle Zoo: a must see Utah attraction!

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is a must see on the US Bus Utah sight-seeing list! With its vast array of zoo animals and exhibits, it provides fun for the whole family. If you are visiting the zoo in the summer months make sure to check the zoo website. The website is also sure to inform you of many zoo events all year round. If you are visiting during the holiday season, you won’t want to miss the zoo Christmas lights! Whereas most zoos are closed during the winter, Hogle Zoo remains open lighting exhibits. The event occurs during the month of December. Zoo lights admission also gives you access to the many events going on simultaneously. The zoo is among the many fun things to do in salt lake city, providing year round entertainment!

 Animals at the zoo are from around the world, each exhibits highlights unique animals. The Hogle zoo remains a landmark for the state as the largest and most diverse zoo in the state. Some of the favorite animals in the zoo include large cats from Asia, and African elephants. While there are many zoos stretching across the country, what makes Utah’s Hogle Zoo special is the rich history. The zoo officially opened in the 1930s and has been an attraction for families and tourists ever since.

The zoo is excited for their newest upcoming addition.  In the Fall, two new polar bears are set to take center stage in the Rocky Shores habitat. The popular exhibit began in 2012 and uses recycled water to maintain itself. Recently, a well-loved polar bear died and the zoo is hopeful the new additions will help fill the void of her passing. The popular exhibit is home to many favorite animals such as bears, sea lions and otters. It features a unique experience where you can observe the animals both above and below the water’s surface. It is a must see when you visit the zoo.

If you are travelling with little ones, it is the perfect kids zoo. There is a fun train, interactive exhibits and knowledgeable zoo keepers to make it an educational experience as well. The zoo also features a water park where in the hot summer months the kids can cool off and play in the fountains. There are many kinds of animals which ensures pleasing even the most particular of children. They can view birds in the aviary, or giant Giraffes in the safari exhibit. Overall, it is a great animal experience for children.

For adults, there zoo rendezvous an event that supports the charities and organizations which fund the Hogle zoo. These events are held in the evenings and is one of the most beloved and meaningful zoo events. Patrons pay for entry and enjoy a night of fine dining and entertainment, seeing the animals, and you can even feed the animals in the safari exhibit. The event also includes a silent auction where you can look and find fun Utah finds! It is a great way to experience this wonderful zoo in Salt Lake.

Ultimately, there are countless fun things to do at Utah’s Hogle Zoo. It is no wonder it has been a local and tourist favorite for nearly 100 years. The zoo offers quality entertainment for children and adults. With a host of activities, food, events, and entertainment it is a must see when visiting Utah. It is conveniently located close to This is the Place Heritage Park, downtown Salt Lake and Emigration Canyon making it the perfect stop on your tour of the city! What is there to do in Utah? Many fun things, but make sure the Hogle Zoo is at the top of your list.