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Utah’s Historic Capital Hill

 A little History of the Capital Building

One of the most noticeable and prominent of Utah’s landmarks that is a major must see is Capital Hill. The Capital Building was built in 1916, a century ago! It was designed by local Utah architect Richard K. A. Kletting. Obviously a building this old will need some upkeep, so from 2004-2008 the capital building “underwent one of the largest historical preservation projects in the united states.” These are a few of the many important historical facts about the magnificent capital building of Utah.



Location and Grounds of Capital Hill

Not only is the actual building beautiful but the area surrounding the building is wonderful. You can take a drive by Utah’s capital building, park and walk around the green grass and cherry blossom tress. At any given point you can see tourists taking pictures in front of the white monumental building and taking in the views that capital hill has to offer. Standing from the steps at the front of the historical site you will see the beautiful view from the capital. The view looks over the entire valley, letting you get a far away glance at many other Utah monuments including the Salt Lake TempleYou will also be able to get a great view of the Wasatch mountains that surround Salt Lake City. This is just one of the advantages of visiting the grounds of Utah’s Capital. “The Gardens feature plants native to Utah.” The amount of beauty that you can see that is local to Utah just by walking around the capital building is astonishing and a must see while visiting this wonderful state. From the steps of the capital building looking out not only do you see the valley but on the way to the steps there are sections of garden, with yellow, purple, and green plants. The flagpole is centered in front of the building and can be seen waving in the wind. Surrounding the capital is lush green grass, benches, and trees. It is a picturesque landmark that demands your attention with its sheer beauty.


Why visit Utah’s Capital building?

The dome, lets talk about it first. One of the most interesting things about the dome is that it is covered in copper from Utah. The Capital’s dome is one of the most recognizable aspects of the monument. When you see the dome and the many columns of this white building you know you have arrived at something important and beautiful. The 40 acres of land the capital building is on provides plenty of space to take in the building from all angles, as well as plenty of great spots to sit down, have a picnic, and enjoy capital hill. Next lets talk about the inside of the capital building. The marble that is used for the inside of the building is from Georgia and it is the same type of marble that was used for the United States capital building in Washington D.C. The stunning inside of the building feels like you have just walking into a palace of sorts. Right when you step through the doors you are surrounded by marble and two grand staircases on each side. When you glance up you can see the underside of the dome, which has paintings of a blue sky with some white clouds. The spectacular view of the outside of the building leads you to the wonderful view of the inside of the building. Overall capital hill and the capital building itself are a must see while visiting Utah for many reasons, including all the ones listed above. Don’t miss out on Utah’s Historical Capital!