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Utah’s Amazing Hogle Zoo

Utah’s Hogle Zoo – It’s Amazing!

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is a Utah a must see. It is located at the mouth of Emigration Canyon. Founded in 1931, Mr. Hogle, purchased over 42 acres of land and decided to pursue his passion. Being located in Utah truly enhances your visit, not only is it scenic but the natural mountainous terrain provides an adventure-like feel for you and your family. Usually I have a hard time justifying the zoo, because the animals are outside of their natural habitat. But Hogle zoo has started several charities, involving adopting animals, and 100% of the money raised goes straight back to saving wildlife and their natural habitats. Zoo tickets can be found on and Zoo Prices can be found HERE

I remember the first time my family took me to Hogle Zoo, it was in the year 2000 and I was eight. It was my first year living it Utah, and I was over the moon to be going to a Salt Lake Zoo. I have always loved animals, especially birds, my favorite memory was the bird show, where zoo trainers show off a choreographed presentation on wild birds. The birds swoop over the crowd and its really fun for kids. At one point in the show they asked the crowd for a volunteer, the lady in with the microphone asked “Is it anyones birthday today” was so exited that when they asked I jumped up and said YES!! Even though I was months away from turning nine. Of course they called me up and asked me if it was really my birthday, I said no, everyone laughed and luckily they did not revoke our family zoo pass.

Hogle Zoo bird show


Enough about me! First time travelers and animal lovers should absolutely go to the Zoo. Hogle Zoo is Utah’s biggest local zoo is home to hundreds of species from all over the globe. From the aviary to the aquarium, you and your family will enjoy unique species found in no other zoo in Utah.

Hogle zoo exibits

You can visit Hogle Zoo year round, If you are visiting in the summer, walk around and enjoy all of the wild life, swell as the new Lighthouse Point Splash Zone for some amazing family fun. If you choose to visit in the winter, have a romantic walk through the lights at the zoo. The Utah Zoo Lights has be come a major attraction of the the last few years, over 1 million lights are hung around the zoo for a dazzling experience! Learn more here!

Hogle Zoo lights

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All in all I would recommend Hogle Zoo to any one wanting to explore Salt Lake City. If you are seeking to have a wonderful family outing, this is the place to do it. The zoo is massive and takes a decent amount of time to explore. if you spend the day there I promise your kids will sleep through the night. The Zoos exhibits consist of African Savanna, where you can see lions, zebras and even giraffes. The Asian Highlands, where you can see exotic cats like tigers and lynx! Also be sure to check out the elephants, the apes, and the reptiles! If you are a fan of birds like I am you should defiantly see the bird show, just don’t lie to them about your birthday! Last but not least if you are a fan of insects and replies, there is an amazing display with over 300 types of species, spiders, beetles, snakes, even crocodiles.

For some savings or a Zoo Discount, Hogle Zoo circulates deals on their Zoo Coupons page and you can find that here.