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Us Bus to Rice-Eccles Stadium

History of the Stadium

Built with sandstone imported from India, Rice-Eccles Stadium has been around since the 1930’s.  Although, back then it wasn’t called Rice-Eccles, it was Ute Field and then Rice Stadium.  It wasn’t until 1998 where it became known as Rice-Eccles Stadium.  Definitely a site to see and one of the more up-to-date stadiums, you can find more on the history of the stadium here.  Going there on a Summer morning with the sun coming up is really something you need to experience, you will really enjoy seeing this Utah Football Stadium.  If you would like to

Events and Entertainment

This stadium has hosted a ton of awesome events in the past such as the 2002 Winter Olympics opening ceremony!  This was the biggest event ever held in this awesome stadium located in Salt Lake City. Another great event that was hosted in the Rice-Eccles stadium is Super Cross.  It was one of two colleges ever to host Super cross, a pretty cool thing to brag about.

But don’t think that is all this Utah Stadium is good for.  It hosts a ton of events and could give you something to do during your Summer trip in Utah.  You can find a list of fun events by clicking here.

One of the best Rice-Eccles events to attend at this awesome football stadium besides, of course, the Utah Utes football games would be the Nitro World Games.  It is full of adrenaline and action, very entertaining for even the kids.  You can check out what the Nitro World Games are about by jumping on their Facebook page!  It is typically held in June so get your Us Bus tickets in advance.  This will allow you to avoid parking and you can drink as much as you want because Us Bus comes around every 45 minutes.  You can also avoid parking fees when doing it this way, you will be paying less for an Us Bus ticket than you will be for parking!  If you lose track of time and are out past the last Us Bus ride, you have a tracks station right at the stadium that can take you downtown where you can go bar hopping, eat at a fancy restaurant, or go shopping at City Creek.









If you do happen to be at the stadium around lunch time, you can find a bundle of food trucks up on campus.  It is just a 10 minute walk and you can be eating some awesome food.  Don’t stress about finding somewhere to sit.  The University of Utah has plenty of green area with seats and cover from the hot sun.  If you feel like just sitting and enjoying the outdoors, there is a library close by where you can pick up a book and do some reading.

The View

Last but not least is the view that you get.  You can see Utah’s beautiful mountains.  You can see Downtown Salt Lake City.  You can see the entire valley.  Of course, this is assuming you are there during the good months.  Utah is known for what you will hear locals refer to as “the inversion”.  As long as you aren’t visiting Utah during its colder months such as December and January, it is nothing to worry about.  You may want to reschedule because you won’t be seeing much!  If rescheduling is not an option, bundle up nice and warm because you will also want to schedule your Us Bus trip around or right after a snow storm so that the inversion clears out.  This will give you a beautiful view of the frost covered mountains that Utah is known for.  The best snow on earth is found right here!

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