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Unique Shops in Salt Lake City

Unique Shops in Salt Lake City

Have you visited any of the unique shops in Salt Lake City? Here is some information on some of the unique shops in Salt Lake City that you won’t find anywhere else.

  1. Edinburgh Scottish Castle Imports– This very uniquely Scottish shop carries a variety of merchandise from guess where- Scotland of course. Located on Main Street in Salt Lake City, you really won’t find any other shop like it anywhere.
  2. King’s English Bookshop– This unique and quaint bookshop is one of the few bookstores left in Salt Lake City. They have guest author signings, classes and other fun events and of course books.
  3. The Old Dutch Store– Visit this unique shop in Salt Lake City for a variety of Dutch merchandise and food.
  4. Backyard Birds- This unique shop has like it’s name says a variety of birds and merchandise for birds. No website, they are located at approximately 2700 South and Highland Drive.
  5. Dancing Cranes Imports– Looking for anything woo, pagan, alternative healing and other similar things? This shop has it. Host to a variety of events with fortune telling and similar things to give you another idea of what kinds of things you will find here.
  6. Children’s Hour-This unique Salt Lake City shop carries a variety of unique items for children. Part children’s bookshop and part Children’s clothing.

Do you have a favorite? Share it with us in the comments below.

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