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Trolley Square Shopping Mall & Dining Center

From Light Rail Station to Trolley Square Marketplace

In the heart of downtown Salt Lake City lies Trolley Square Marketplace. Once a fully operational light rail station, Trolley Square has now been transformed into the most historic shopping mall and dining center. From 1908 until the early 1950’s, Utah Light & Railway Co. operated a light rail and trolley station in Trolley Square with over 144 trolleys running on 146 miles of track. The trolley cars traveled through Holladay, Sugarhouse, Salt Lake City, Bountiful & Centerville and was the top of the line transportation in Utah in it’s time. Find Out More.


After Utah Light & Railway Co. was shut down in the early 1950’s, they had the station painted yellow and was used for storing busses. As time went on, the building was neglected of regular maintenance and fell into disrepair. In 1969, they threatened to demolish the station and rebuild. Instead, the station was saved by a local family who bought the station in 1972 to transform it into a renovated retail space. “Trolley” Wally Wright was assigned as the architect on the new project. His historic work at Trolley Square is still acknowledged to this day. The initial vision for the Trolley Square sprang from the popular chocolate factory in San Francisco that was transformed into a shopping center, Ghirardelli Square.

Stores, Restaurants & Attractions at Trolley Square



Retail Shopping

Trolley Square offers many popular, yet diverse options for shopping in Salt Lake City. Their stores include: Pottery BarnAmerican ApparellululemonWeller Book WorksTabula Rasa & Williams Sonoma among countless others! From clothing to furniturebookstores to jewelry, or electronics to stationary, there is an endless number of opportunities to explore while shopping. Whole Foods Market opened up its first location in Utah at Trolley Square, bringing a healthier, and higher quality grocer to Salt Lake residents. See The Official Directory here.


After shopping you can enjoy a meal at one of their delicious restaurants, such as Rodizio Grill for a gourmet experience of an all you can eat Brazilian Steakhouse. Another favorite at is The Old Spaghetti Factory, a classic choice for that serves all of your Italian favorites with a unique twist that even has an original trolley car in the restaurant with dining tables inside! Desert Edge Brewery offers great menu items for appetizerslunch and dinner. All items feature fresh ingredients and will make your mouth water as soon as you step through the front door. As you might expect, the Pub offers a fantastic beer menu with over 20 styles of home brewed delights. Chris Haas of Desert Edge Brewery handcrafts over 1000 barrels per year and has won many awards and medals at brewery competitions!

Specialty & Other Attractions

Trolley Square Attractions

Restaurants and stores aren’t the only thing Trolley Square has to offer, The Falls is a 16,000 sq ft lavish rentable event center for partiesreceptions and more. The Falls is made up of two separate eventbuildings, each totaling 8,000 sq-ft each! Each building has a main event hall, elegant bridal suitecourtyard, server’s kitchens, game room/board room and conference roomBook your event now!

Exciting Things to Come!

The new owner of Trolley Square plans to develop a multi-story apartment building just south of the current shopping mall. This will create a new dynamic between the retail shoppingdininggroceryfitness at Orange Theory Fitness, and lifestyle living with the new apartment buildings in the works! The outlook is positive for Trolley Square and will continue to thrive as a historic heartbeat of Salt Lake CityRead the full article here.