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The Salt Lake City Library

The Salt Lake Public Library

Located just north of Liberty Square, the Salt Lake City Library is a must-see for all visitors. While the building was originally part of the City and County building, a large donation of land and money made it possible for this separate library to be built in 2003. By special request of the Mayor, much of the land surrounding this central library was to be preserved as a plaza, rather than the buildings it was originally intended for.

The Beautiful Architecture

Any first-time visitor to this masterpiece of Salt Lake City architecture will immediately notice the beautiful combination of concrete and glass that constructs a vast majority of the building. The structure has many windows and is easily accessible. The plain gray color and smooth texture, while simple, are very effective in conjunction with the grid-like pattern of the windows. This architecturecontributes to the public library’s function because it lets people enter the building easily and allows natural light to come in. The building stands out compared to other buildings nearby due to its wedge-shaped design,and there is plenty of space for both the structure and its large plaza. The various plants and pathways of this plaza are dominated by a waterfall and statues that add to the beauty of the building, and is constructed of limestone brought from Israel. A unique memorial covered by flowers and trees exists for those who have donated their body to science. All the materials are well suited to Utah’s climate. The scenery truly is breathtaking.

The interior of this downtown library nicely matches the exterior as it is divided into different levels. Just like the rows of windows on the outside, the inside is neatly organized into corresponding floors. The inner and outer glass walls in combination with staircases and elevators make the library very easy to navigate, and allow natural light to fill the building. The bottom floor and plaza surrounding the library create a nice shopping center for guests. Those in need of a quick bite to eat or drink can visit The Salt Lake Roasting Company, known for their various coffees and teas. while those shopping for a gift should check out The Library Store, home to many ideas for all ages.

Functionality and Purpose

It’s not all about the beauty, however. The purpose of the building has not changed, and it fantastically fills its function. Its main purpose is to lend books, host events, and share information. Browsing visitors have several floors full of all the information, entertainment and media they could ask for, and there is a beautiful area designed for kids, with all the children’s books they could imagine. Those looking for some peace and quiet can find a variety of meeting rooms scattered across the building. The library also offers free internet access to guests, and there are many computers located throughout the floors.

Things to See!

But it doesn’t end there. The library also features a beautiful art gallery, consisting of photography and artwork that is free to all guests. The gallery matches the modern, unique architecture of the building and offers beautiful exhibits of modern art that is updated often for returning visitors.

The library organizes and hosts events daily throughout the entire year. Whether you’re looking for a chocolate party, a magic show or a movie club, this incredible library has an event for guests of all ages. Also art exhibits cycle throughout the year as well, ensuring there is always something new and interesting to see at the library. Be sure to keep your eyes on the event calendar!