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The Salt Lake City Library: Learning for the Eyes and Mind

The Salt Lake City Public Library

Located downtown, the Salt Lake City Library is a fantastic spot to visit whether you are looking for some reading material or many other forms of entertainment. Designed and opened as a replacement to the previous, much more modest library next door in 2003, the unique 6 story building holds the biggest and grandest public library in Utah; featuring an immense glass facade and a huge wall that allows access from the ground floor to the roof, the building has become a marvel of salt lake city architecture and a unique opportunity to experience the downtown skyline.

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Visitors can be sure to find many free books for general browsing or check out; featuring a vast collection of old classics as well as modern best sellers from around the world, the library boasts a compelling amount of writing between it’s floors. Patrons seeking to catch up on magazine subscriptions will find that the library has a section with up-to date monthly issues. a 5 floor atrium and grass pavilion serves as both a library of children’s books and also a place for group reading activities. Those who are seeking entertainment online will be pleased to see that the library also offers a number of ebooks as well as streaming movies, all available completely free on their website. Take a look at the catalog of all available titles in the Library Catalog.

Things to Do

Visitors to the branch will find a vast assortment of options to engage themselves; the library features free internet access for all patrons in one of more than 100 computers located throughout the floors; additionally those looking to sharpen their computer skills are free to sign up for computer classes running every week which do everything from covering the basics to helping people work with common office software.

Those looking for a quiet space to hold a meeting or professional gathering can find a variety of meeting rooms free to check out (even online!) to host whatever they had planned. Even larger conference type events can be accommodated, although some fees may apply.

An ongoing art display is located on the fourth floor of the library, allowing local artists as well as traveling pieces to be displayed in a rotating series of exhibits which are open to all patrons; featuring everything from photography to paintings, the art gallery is constantly updated with pieces allowing for a new take on modern (and classic!) art with multiple return visits. 0606-2310-Library-Art-Fest-600-LQ

Adding to the art gallery, a series of events is organized and hosted on a yearly basis throughout the year, including multiple traveling art displays that may otherwise not be found anywhere else in the United States; in addition to art, many concert and movie events are hosted throughout the year, as well as author signings. Be sure to check out the events schedule to see what’s coming up!




Extravagant Extras800px-Salt_Lake_City_Public_Library_Intern

Those looking around the main floor of the library as well as the plaza will find a number of noteworthy shoppinglocations; a coffee shop on the main floor of the library provides users with a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy their books as well as a coffee from the Salt Lake Roasting Company (menu found here), while those looking for a bite to eat can stop by the Hemingway Cafe for a collection of sandwiches, salads and pastas. The newest addition to the square, the George Elliot Salon, offers a variety of haircut and style options for all ages. The library store offers a variety of educational and writing related products for aspiring literary artists and book lovers alike.