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The Clark Planetarium- Salt Lake City, Utah

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The Clark Planetarium is a space and science museum with many interactive and hands on exhibits, FREE to the public. Located in the heart of Downtown Salt Lake City next to the Gate Way Mall, at approximately 400 West 100 South. It is the 18th and final stop off the US Bus Utah Tours service and near many delicious restaurants and shops. The Clark Planetarium has become a favorite place for locals and visitors of all ages to explore the phenomena of space via the unique displays, fun photo ops, 3D IMAX Movies, and Cosmic Laser light shows. The Clark Planetarium is a great place to see when you visit Salt Lake City.

Clark Planetarium Hours:

Sunday -Wednesday 10:30-7PM
Thursday 10:30-10PM
Friday&Saturday 10:30-11PM
Open 363 days of the year Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

Directions to the Planetarium in Salt Lake

Museum and Hands on Exhibits

The 10,000 foot museum is packed full of displays, models, and images of everything space and science. You can easily spend an hour or two wandering through the exhibits learning interesting facts about the solar system, how the earth rotates, or how gravity works. The popular favorites are the interactive displays that give your weight variations between each planet, the electric plasma ball, and the Foucault pendulum, which demonstrates how the earth spins. The Clark Planetarium’s space museum offers a unique chance to see actual moon rock obtained by astronauts during the Apollo 15 mission. Another fun point of interest is the Martian and Lunar landscape where guests are encouraged to stand and take a photo of their “space expedition” at the Planetarium. The museum is entertaining and educational and the free admission makes it a great option for families.

clark 2

Plasma ball reacts to your touch and will follow your movements.



Pose for a photo on the Lunar or Martian landscape.

Clark Planetarium Shows

IMAX Theater

In addition to the museum the Clark Planetarium is equipped with an IMAX theater that shows educational and informational 3D movies Including A Beautiful Planet, The Last Reef, and National Parks Adventure. Movies vary from 30-45 minutes in length, and require a ticket. Matinée tickets can be purchased for price of $7 per person, after 5 PM tickets increase to $9 for adults. The cost seems reasonable considering the free admission to the museum.

Shows Begin playing at 11:00 am and continue thought out the day until closing.

Buy Tickets to a show here.

Hansen Dome Shows-

The Hansen dome is a unique movie theater in Salt Lake City; viewers sit back, relax, and watch the show take place on the 55-foot tall dome in the sky above them. Several projectors show the image across the entire surface of the dome, giving 3D demission to the images without special glasses. Each of the seats is equipped with motion control to provide an interactive viewing experience. This is a crowd favorite and unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Hansen Dome Shows: Accidental Astronauts, Black Holes, and Gateway to the Stars

Cosmic Light Shows-

The Clark Planetarium Cosmic Light shows are one of the Must things to see in Salt Lake City, shown every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night in the Hansen dome. Similar to a concert, the Cosmic light show is a combination of music blaring from a 13,000 watt digital surround system, lasers, led lights, and fog, that all come together to create a unique musical experience. An MC will introduce the show and encourage audience participation for an overall exciting experience. The Shows currently running are Led Zeppelin, Dark Side of the Moon, and Modern or Classical Rock the Dome. The Clark Planetarium promises, “The cosmic light show will rock your world… and maybe a few nearby planets”. The light shows last approximately 40 minutes; tickets cost $9 for adults and $7 for children.

The planetarium has been a salt lake favorite for nearly 50 years and this summer it receiving major updates. The renovations and revamps are currently under way for the summer of 2016 and will be completed October 2016. Look out for the new Exhibits and displays coming soon next time you are in Salt Lake City, Utah!

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