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The Best Things to do in Salt Lake City in 36 Hours

best things to do in salt lake city in 36 hours

So you have 36 hours to explore Salt Lake City? Great? Here is a list of what we think are some of the best things to do in Salt Lake City in 36 hours.

1. Visit Heber city and ride the Heber creeper train. You will need a car for this and the best time for this is later afternoon and early evening. So you could do something else in the morning and then do this later in the day.

2. Go for a drive up one of the cottonwood canyons. Again you will need a car for this or you can hire a private transportation company to take you. You can also walk around and do some hiking as well. Minimum time for this is about 4 hours.

3. Go on our sightseeing tour and visit this is the place, red butte and the natural history museum. You can also visit other places but these are the most popular. You will want to allow about 6 hours for this.

4. Visit temple square and the family history library. You can check out an ipod and dock it at several different stations and learn all kinds of interesting things about yourself and your family history and ancestors.

5. Go on a sunset tour of antelope island and the great salt lake. Again you will either need to drive yourself or you can hire us to take you.

6. Visit the Clark planetarium and see a laser star show. These are only in the evenings but are really neat. You can also visit the planetarium’s museum for free.

There are lots of other things to do in Salt Lake City, but these are some of the best and those that you can easily do with only 36 hours in Salt Lake City.