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Subs at Caputo’s Deli Best in Utah


Caputo’s Deli-Best In Utah

Italian and Southern European Authenticity are what make Caputo’s Deli the best  in Utah. A high end meat counter, Cheese cave and market packed with Italian imports serve, in my mind, as accents to the working kitchen that is Caputo’s Sub and Deli counter. Founded in 1997 by Tony Caputo and now operated by Tony and his son Matt this Deli and Sub Shop heave earned their way into the ranks of Utahs’ best food resources. Fueled by vision and insight from the owners, the flavors that come together in what are at fist glance pedestrian offerings prove themselves to be much more.

Unknown“The Caputo”

The Subs

Sure, the menu calls them “sandwiches” but the label given by my brain which grew up on the eat coast to the combination of tastes, textures and sound is “sub”. Even the Muffaletta which comes on a ciabatta roll still screams “authentic sub” far louder than “carefully sourced gourmet italian sandwich”. As it happens, the subs at Caputo’s are both. The same can be said for their salads. Trditional pasta salad, Caprese, Greek salad, and the best in Utah if not farther, Bread salad. I am unsure as to the chemistry at play which elevates the flavors here to their transcendent levels. It seems that these men and women who have each been selected to work here have what seems like a mutant gene. No one can read your mind here, I hope, or fly but they all seem to have a highly refined culinary vision. This vision in conjunction with a deft hand are in my mind the “special sauce”. The layering of flavors and textures while easily dismissed as dull are in fact far from. The Caputo, an Italian sub with prosciutto, salami, provolone, lettuce tomato, oil and vinegar is always gone before i realize how much i am enjoying it. The bread salad, when available, is hard to describe. Much like Holy men are loathe to describe the face of God in fear that they could never do it justice, I am unable to describe this dish. Please, order it. Give Thanks.

There’s More

Caputo’s being the wealth of food wisdom that they are don’t stop at selling you the ingredients. Of douse the Meat counter staff will discuss the topic with you and someone will guide you through the cheese selection process They offer classes year round ranging from Chocolate selection, to Mea curing. The wine and pasta pairing event I attended was not only delicious but surprisingly informative. Click the link for a full class list and schedule

Let’s Not Forget the Chocolate


What better to wrap it all up with than some fine chocolate and an espresso. Nothing is better than that combination, which is precisely why Caputo’s is the best in Utah. Several shelves like the one pictured above are always fully stocked with milks and darks with extras that would be hard to imagine. Be brave. Fortune favors the bold in this department so please, explore. Now, I will be honest. I do not buy my coffee from Tony. I walk next door to Carlucci’s a small patisserie with outstanding coffee.

The whole experience is nicely capped by a moment in the shade on the patio. For me it solidifies Caputo’s as the best Deli in Utah.

Getting To Caputo’s Deli

Located at 300 south and 300 west Caputo’ss Deli is 100%accessible with US Bus and their full and half day pass.The following link will show all of the now many Caputo’s locations. The most accessible location from the US Bus is the Downtown Deli.