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Rice Eccles Stadium, Utah Utes Home Stadium

The University of Utah’s Rice Eccles Stadium is the best college football field in the state. This historic arena is not only the home to the infamous, nationally ranked, Pac 12, Utah Utes football team, but also hosts some of the biggest and best events that have ever visited a Utah stadium.

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Rice-Eccles Statium at the University of Utah

Rice-Eccles Stadium Olympic Torch at the University of Utah

This Salt Lake Stadium has hosted world class FMX motocross racing which sends riders across a dirt track with massive jumps launching them into the air. Even the Olympic torch of the 2002 Olympic winter games were hosted in this arena and telecast globally as one of the most successful Olympics that have ever taken place. Famous concerts such as U2, have played here and attracted thousands of people from across the nation, as the stadium was built for the most optimal seating to have a perfect viewpoint.

For active and planned events in the stadium, please visit this site:

As you plan the trip to the stadium, check out the University of Utah football schedule.  The Utah Utes are the reason this stadium was constructed.  Utah Football is home to one of the loudest and most energetic stadiums in the west. Oddly enough, the thin cement stadium construction allows echoes of stomping to ricochet across the lower corridor and walkways crating a booming thunderous roar when excitement levels rise throughout the game. The wild crowd stomps and cheer during the classic “third down stomp,” or as the Utah Utes score, The student section is well known across campus as the ‘MUSS’, also known as the Mighty Utah Student Section, and is the loudest part of the stadium. Students often have a hard time getting in, as tickets are sold as soon as they are available. Lower bowl tickets are nearly impossible to get, and may students end up standing across the top of the stadium since the pac 12 football standings have altered the way the game is played.  Utah high school footballstate championships are often hosted in the stadium, as Utah frequently sends high school teams to national levels.

Rice Eccles tower hosts many events from charitable events, to banquets, to Christmas parties. This tower has an overlooking view of the gorgeous Salt lake City valley. Sunsets along the Salt Lake City benches are more beautiful than viewing a sunset from the beach. The bright sun casts light up, into the sky after refracting off of the mountains into the air. These colors are vibrant and are seen in a multitude of shifting shades.


Fortunately, the stadium is constantly improving, from the time Eccles provided a large, generous donation, to the track and field signage to even today! It has just finishing new renovations! Here is an outskirt from the Salt Lake Tribune that was recently published:

“The University of Utah’s Board of Trustees has approved $13.5 million toward a video board and sound system intended to take Rice-Eccles Stadium’s audiovisual experience from Stone Age to state of the art.

Athletic Director Chris Hill said a new video board has been high on his list of priorities for years, but the condition of the current video board made it “almost like an emergency thing now, because it’s just falling apart.”

It’s not known where the video display will rank among the nation’s largest.“

Utah is by far one of the best places I have traveled to, and this stadium is a must see along the tour. Ideally, check out the stadium schedule prior to visiting to make sure that you don’t miss out on one of Utah’s best events.

This article written by Garrett Nord on June eight, two thousand sixteen.