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Red Butte Garden: Largest Western Botanical Garden

Red Butte Garden: Largest Western Botanical Garden


Explore Salt Lake City’s Red Butte Garden located in the foothills near the University of Utah. The Garden is the official arboretum of Utah. Red Butte Garden is over 100 acres and is the largest botanical gardens in the West filled with beautiful fragranceRed Butte Garden has over 21 acres of developed gardens and five miles Natural Area hiking trails that is open year round. Red Butte Garden includes the Children’s Garden, Hemingway Four Seasons Garden, Courtyard Garden, Medicinal Garden, Herb Garden, Dumke Floral Walk, the Richard K. Hemingway Orangerie, Fragrance Garden, the McC arthy Family Rose Garden, and an amphitheater with an expanded gift shop.

History of the garden

In 1983, the University of Utah gifted 100 acres of land to be a regional botanical garden. The land was chosen due to the spectacular opportunity to exhibit horticultural collections of Utah’s plants and to conserve the environment.

The Garden opened officially in 1985 and has been growing ever since. Today Red Butte Garden has 200,000 visitors each year wondering the landscape. Along with more than 9,000 members and 300 active gardeningvolunteers to keep the garden growing beautifully. This community garden is ever growing with garden design and gardening tips.

Seasons in the Garden


Every season brings a new garden. Each time you visit the garden you will always see something new. The gardenundergoes dramatic changes each season. Don’t miss the vast color assortment of summer flowers, 450,000 bulbs blooming in the spring, the rustic color changes to all of the plants in the fall, and the white powdered garden in the winter landscape.

Visit Red Butte Gardens in the spring to see the flower garden wake up from its winter slumber. During spring season you will find fields of daffodils and perennial gardens, carpets of winter aconite, lilac bushes blooming in white, blue, pink, and purple. Crap apple trees will be exploding with white and pink blossoms. The vibrant blues of siberian squill blooms will be peeking through the grounds along with many other plants and garden flowers.

The busiest seasons at Red Butte Garden is the summer, where warm weather bring the most abundance of flowers and plants. Go see the roses and perennials at their best of bloom in the flower garden. This is the perfect season to capture the sight of the butterflies and other bugs exploring the gardens beauty.

Explore the garden in the autumn and enter a world of new warm colors. See the leaves change red, orange, yellow, and brown and stroll through the garden with a light breeze to keep you cool.

The garden is still open in the winter where trails are shoveled. Enjoy a magical winter stroll through the wintery landscape with plants sprinkled with snow.

Other Things To Do

Red Butte Garden is home to the vast gardens, but you can also enjoy the garden for world-class outdoor summer concerts, weddings, award-winning horticulture-based educational programs. gardening classes, events, and much more. Enjoy the garden ampitheatre while watching and listening to lively music and your favorite artist. Red Butte Garden concerts only happen in the summer, so make sure you don’t miss out of the beautiful landscape with your favorite live music. As much as you enjoy the botanical garden, take a class learn some garden design tools and gardening tips to better your home landscape. These classes are fun and will help you design a garden of your dreams.

More Information

There is always something new and exciting growing at Red Butte Gardens. You can find hours and maps here. If you want another second opinion, make sure to check out this review of the garden.