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Outdoor Things to Do in Salt Lake City

outdoor things to do in Salt Lake City

Have you ever wondering what outdoor things to do in Salt Lake City exist? Well, the short answer is that there are so many outdoor things to do in Salt Lake City that you will never be bored or lacking something to do. However, here are some of the best outdoor things to do in Salt Lake City.

1. Go to Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake. This is a great fun activity for the whole family. We offer evening tours upon request year round, or if you have a car you can drive yourself there. Be aware though, that it will take you a minimum of 4 hours to go, enjoy the area and come back.

2. Hiking- Utah is a hikers dream literally. There are so many hikes to enjoy whether you are a beginner, or a more advanced hiker. The living room hike near Red Butte Garden is one of the better hikes for a medium level. You can see out over the entire Salt Lake valley from the top.

3. Biking- Just like hiking, you can bike all over the state of Utah and there are even bike tours of Salt Lake City.

4. Segway Tour Are you daring and adventurous? Do you have a good sense of balance? Then you may enjoy doing a Segway tour of Salt Lake City as a fun outdoor thing to do in Salt Lake City.

5. Gardens at Temple Square- These beautiful gardens are a great way to enjoy nature’s beauty and a nice outdoor stroll.

6. Canyon drive and walk- The Salt Lake City area has lots of canyons to enjoy. You can go for a drive and get out and walk and take pictures or you can just drive or even go hiking in the canyons too.

7. Boating, canoeing and river rafting- While you won’t find any places to boat, canoe or river raft directly in Salt Lake City, there are a variety of lakes in the Ogden and Provo areas within about an hours drive of Salt Lake City.

What is your favorite of the outdoor things to do in Salt Lake City? Share below in the comments.