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Night Life in Salt Lake City, Enjoy Yourself

Night Life Downtown Salt Lake is where you want to be.


Being in a non familiar city can sometimes be a little overwhelming with not knowing where all the people are at and where the place to be is.  Well, downtown offers great food, entertainment, and hosts a great night life scene to say the least.  Right in the heart of, and close to everything lies a strip of nice restaurants and trendyclassy, and even dive bars concentrated all within walking distance from one another.  Whether it is hanging with hipsters and listening to rock music, getting a nice cocktail or local brew beer, or hearing the beats of a live DJ and being engulfed with people dancingSalt Lake City definitely can meet whatever scene you might feel at home in or if you can adapt to all of them.


Cheers to all the Hipsters, your new Favorite Dive Bar

cheers to you


Cheers to you is a great local bar if you are looking for a wide mix of people, cheap drinks, pool, and typically rock music right in downtown Salt Lake City.  Being apart of any night life you have to appreciate the atmosphere of dive bars and what they have to offer.  Since 1997, Cheers has offered a friendly social environment for all ages (21+) alike.  With a melting pot of a crowd its hard not to make friends and enjoy unexpected conversations with strangers.  Highly recommended this is a place to go to if you are looking for a lively upbeat crowd, dive bar feel, and friendly staff.  Whether it is a college pub crawl, birthday celebration, or just an after dinner party place, Cheers is a night life location that always has something going on.!cheers-history/c18bc







Whiskey Street, Keeping it Classy one Whiskey at a Time…  


whiskeyIf you are looking for a little bit more classy of a place that offers huge assortment of whiskeys as well as house crafted contemporary cocktails, then Whiskey Street is your place to be.  Located on 323 s. Main Street, literally hopping distance from Cheers this is a definite night life must experience.   Since being nicknamed “Whiskey Street” as far back as 1906, this historic Salt Lake City location has be redesigned into a cozy historical establishment to enjoy local and imported handcrafted beers, an in depth wine list, an extensive whiskey (and other liqueur) variety, and bartenders who are ready and willing to whip you up anything you can think of.  Offering a wide spread of menu items, one can just enjoy some easy going appetizers, or take the plunge into the excellent entree menu offered.





Maxwell’s Trendy Sports Bar, and Dance Club


Located on 357 s. Main StreetMaxwell’s is a sports bar with great bar food like pizza’s,pasta’s, subs, and delicious appetizers.  With high raising walls covered in big screen TV’s, this trendy place is where to come relax, and catch your favorite sporting event without having to actually attending it.  With a home welcoming environment, Maxwell’s offers great food, great beer, and great liquor. However, on the weekend Maxwells’s is transformed into a dance club which changes the atmosphere entirely.  Combining alcohol, music, dancing, and great atmosphere provides this transformation from a upscale sports bar into a jam packed dance club for all those nigh life hiphy seekers.  With the live DJ playing top 40 radio hits, girls in high heels and dresses, and guys in slacks and button ups, they create a big city vibe for Salt Lake City.  So depending on what kind of scene you are into Maxwell’s can offer the widest spectrum depending on what night you are trying to visit.  This trendy location is close by everything and creates a basic, or flared up experience that can be enjoyed by everybody.