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Liberty Park: Salt Lake City’s #1 Summer Park


Salt Lake City’s warm weather and consistent sunshine are ideal for getting to know Utahs parks. If you’re looking to enjoy a nice summer day outdoors, Liberty Park is the perfect place for you! Since its beginning in 1882, Liberty Park has been a favorite open space retreat for thousands of people who have enjoyed its beautiful trees, shrubs and clean mountain air. Liberty Park contains a pond with surrounding bike paths, concession stands, amusement rides, picnic areas, playgrounds, a pool, and tennis and volleyball courts. This park is also home to Tracy Aviary, a greenhouse that offers shows and encounters where guests can view and feed birds. Liberty Park is a place to connect with nature, a place to enjoy friendships and family relationships and a place to escape the daily cares oflife.


History of Liberty Park:

In 1847, the land that is now known as Liberty Park, was acquired by a Mormon Pioneer named Issac Chase. Originally, the land was only five-acres. Issac Chase purchased adjacent land, planted vegetation, and operated his own mill on the property. By 1860, Brigham Young purchased the land and continued to add to the parks beauty. It wasn’t until 1882, that the government purchased the land and made it a recreational park, Liberty Park. This 80-acre park is currently located in the heart of Salt Lake City and remains as the second-largest park in Utah.

Things to See & Do:

Liberty Park has been a destination for summer fun for decades. Below, I will highlight the top attractions that draws in both visitors and locals to the go-to park.

  • Tracy Aviary Park: Tracy Aviary is located on the South-West side of the inner circle drive and is home to more than 1,000 birds. It is made up of 19 exhibits and include birds from many different temperate and tropical habitats. The aviary is open from 9am to 5pm, however, they have many events that are held before and after hours. Those events include breakfast with the birds, live music, and exclusive adoption opportunities. Tracy Aviary Park event dates/times can be found here.


  • Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Arts: A museum located in the middle of Liberty Park, Charles Home Museum displays folk-art that features artists from Utah’s American Indian communities. The Chase home was built more than 150 years ago and continues to display exhibits that show Utah’s contemporary culture and heritage. Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Arts presents “Mondays in the Park” during select days in July and August. These events will include free folk-concerts, dancing, and crafts. Chase Home Museum “Mondays in the Park” event dates/times can be found here.


  • Liberty Park Concessions and Rides:  The middle of Liberty Park is the center of old-fashioned fun! Liberty Park has several amusement rides including a ferris wheel, a carousel, and a swing ride. Although newly restored, many of the original rollercoasters date back to the 1940’s. Liberty Park’s amusement rides are a great new way to make new memories, or relive old ones!


  • Park Cafe: Enjoy a peaceful brunch downtown with a beautiful view of Liberty Park.The Park Cafe has been apart of Liberty Parks culture since 1984 and continues to be one of thebest brunch spots in SLC! The Park Cafe is located across the street from Liberty Park and offers a breakfast and lunch menu. If your a first-timer, try the best French Toast you will ever have! I promise, It won’t disappoint. The Park Cafe is open daily from 7am to 3pm. For a complete menu, click here.