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Leonardo Museum of Salt Lake City

Leonardo Museum of Salt Lake City


Leonardo Museum is located in the heart of Salt Lake City.  It’s in the same block as the famous Salt Lake City library.  Many other attractions are in walking distance, such as the Mormon Temple, as well as a UTA light rail transit to and from the University, which is free and within city limits.

Who was Leonardo Da Vinci?

Leonardo started as a poor person.  He didn’t have much education.  But by the time he was 20 he was creating great art.  Later he would explore many other areas of science and technology.  He was the example of the well educated and creative person for the 15th century.  Nearly 500 years ago, we have the perfect example of the new person, the person who explores and creates and is knowledgeable about all things in life.  The University is somewhat modeled after this person as the best example of educated and intellectual.  In fact, one of the people who has given much of his personal life and funding to this museum is Mario R. Capecchi who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology, and who is a professor at the University of Utah, also comes from humble beginnings as Leonardo himself.

Other Attractions in and around the Leonardo Museum

Other attractions near the Leonardo Museum include coffee and pastry shops, and small stores in and around the north side of the museum. Salt Lake city public library is also located on the north of the Museum. Map

Food around Leonardo Museum.

Salt Bistro inside the Leonardo and there are Thai, French and Italian food located south of the Leonardo Museum. Map

Leonardo Museum Parking.

There is paid parking meters around the entire perimeter of the Leonardo Square.  In addition, only 3 blocks south of the Leonardo is free parking on the street.

Leonardo Museum Exhibits

The Flight Exhibit

The exhibit is homegrown, right here in Utah! It is not a traveling exhibit like Body Worlds, Mummies of the World or Dead Sea Scrolls, but is a semi-permanent exhibit that will be on display for the next few years.
The reason we chose an exhibit about Flight is because it was one of Leonardo da Vinci’s biggest passions during his life. And, since he is our namesake, we thought it would fit. We will have a full-sized replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s very first man-powered flying machine on display in the exhibit.

Perception: The Illusion of Reality

Your mind is astonishing! And so is our newest exhibit. Your mind constructs your experience by distorting, adding, and even leaving things out. By focusing on three senses—touch, hearing and sight—Perception explores how your mind manipulates sensory data to shape your view of the world. Each visit will give you a new appreciation for that wonderful, mysterious organ, the human brain.


From Nefertiti to Michelle Obama the impact of women on our world is incalculable. Historically, women’s contributions embrace every field of study: science, engineering, politics, art, social issues, mathematics, humanities, technology and more. Women are our first teachers, and worth noting, have given birth to the entire population of the world.  And yet today, much outstanding work goes unheralded and worse, unknown. Can you name five women scientists? Five women artists, mathematicians or engineers? You might be able to name one or two, but five? Somehow, the work of many creative and impactful women are all but missing from our historical narrative. To help bring these spectacular women into the light, Woman/ Women was created as an original new exhibit for The Leonardo’s Human Rights Gallery. It celebrates the work of women past and present and asks us to imagine a 50/50 future based on equal opportunities.

Leonardo Museum Event 

From elegance to nightlife, this space is the perfect backdrop for any type of event (weddings, holiday parties, bar mitzvah, etc.) With a beautiful layout and stunning views, your event will sure to be talked about.

Other things you can do at Leonardo Museum:

Leonardo Museum programs + Education. 

TRIVIA night at the Leonardo, Art after dark: Bauhaus, The Leonardo Family Lounge and Wine Lounge | Utah Arts Festival 2017,  Leonardo Museum Summer Camps,  Mind Riot – A Social Entrepreneurship Competition, Field Trips at The Leonardo,  First LEGO League Programs At The Leonardo and so on.

It’s a unique museum that the visitors can explore.  It connects a mix of science, technology, art and creativity.