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Hidden Gem: Tracy Aviary in Liberty Park

When looking for things to do in Salt Lake City, Utah, don’t pass up on the Tracy Aviary. Salt Lake City is the home of many outdoor adventures and natural wonders. Utah is also the home of beautiful wildlife and animalsHidden in the heart of liberty park is the Tracy Aviary. Here adventure and discovery awaits. Tracy Aviary resides on 8 acres of land inside Liberty Park.  Russell Lord Tracy, a Salt Lake City banker, founded Tracy Aviary when he donated his private bird collection to Salt Lake City. Tracy Aviary houses a collection of about 400 birds spanning across 135 different species. Some of these birds include native species as well as exotic species like the South American Macaws and King Vultures. Here people from all ages can explore nature and learn through the various exhibits or you can host events like weddings or parties. See what’s happening now at Tracy Aviary online or book your event.


 Tracy Aviary has many exhibits and activities for children. Come as a family or school group to learn more about nature. Some of these activities include these named events and others found on their website:

  • Nature in the city
  • Avian Adventure summer camps
  • Field trips to Tracy Aviary
  • School and community programs
  • Scouting
  • Flying Wild: Professional Development Workshop
  • Citizen Science opportunities

Chase Mill Events

Hoping to have a magical Utah Wedding or host business parties in Utah. Look no further. Tracy Aviary has venues just for you both outdoor and indoor. One of those venues is Chase Mill. Chase Mill is Utah‘s oldest standing industrial building, and is perfect for your rustic wedding. Chase Mill is a beautiful indoor/outdoor event spacein Utah with a1,475 square foot main floor and additional levels that can hold up to 400 guests. What’s even better is that the aviary offers up to 10% discounts for members to use the venues. There are more things to rent and use at the Tracy Aviary.

Community Involvement

Tracy Aviary has always been involved with the Utah community. They offer many opportunities for people and groups to volunteer and offer services. Anybody can sign up to offer time or resources to keep the park clean, support educational events, or just spend time at the park. On July 2nd Tracy Aviary is hosting their “Ready to Hatch” fundraiser, where guests can pay to enter to listen to music and participate in a silent auction all in support of nature and bird conservation efforts. Tracy Aviary also supports local business and hosts Eat Drink SLC every year. Eat Drink SLC is an annual Utah event where people can gather together to sample Utah local wines and other delicacies to support their neighbors and raise money. Ticket purchases also go to support three non profit organizations.

Hop Skip and a Jump

One of the wonderful things about Tracy Aviary is where it is located, close to some of Utah‘s other greatest Attractions. Hop inside Liberty Park where you can find it’s very own adventures and activities. So once you’ve looked at the beautiful birds, you can walk over to the seasonal amusement park rides inside Liberty Park. It also has concessions, a pool, playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, and other facilities. Skip to the shopping centers at Trolley Square, City Creek Malland The Gateway. Or see the historical and breath taking Temple Square or the Cathedral of the Madeleine. Jump around the entire city of Salt Lake and see what else Salt Lake City has to offer by taking advantage of US Bus Utah Salt Lake City Tours. Liberty Park and Tracy Aviary are stop number 14 out of 20.