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Gilgal Sculpture Garden

Front of Gilgal Garden

After arriving in Salt Lake City, Utah’s high-elevation capital, be sure to embrace the majestic peaks of the Wasatch Range and the buoyant waters of the Great Salt Lake. After checking into your hotel, you may be looking for things to do and see in Salt Lake City. Make sure to take advantage of your time, and take an adventurous voyage with US Bus Utah. With many key and interesting stops along the way, be sure to check out Gilgal Garden, located steps away from Trolley Square, stop number 15 on the map. Trolley Square used to be the hub for Salt Lake City’strolleys, with much of the original infrastructure remaining intact, creating a unique shopping experience. Not only can you shop around boutique stores and grab a quick bite to eat at Whole Foods Market, Trolley Square is located in an adorable neighborhood with a secret garden located up the street.

    Joseph Smith Sphinx Statue

Merely a four minute quick walk from Trolley Square, you will discover a gemstone of a garden, Gilgal Sculpture Garden. Located at 749 East, 500 South in Salt Lake City, Gilgal Garden was created by Thomas Battersby Child, Jr. in the mid-twentieth century. Hidden behind houses and surrounding establishments, many are unaware of the creative, yet unusual sculptures, located in this city neighborhood.

Gilgal Garden is the legacy of Thomas Child‘s longing to portray his profound convictions in a physical and artistic manner. If you are searching for a relaxing place to enjoy the weather, while observing a beautiful garden and  interesting sculptures, this is the place to be. This Salt Lake City hidden gem contains twelve unique sculptures, with more than seventy stones engraved with sacred writings, sonnets, and other abstract writings. The general public is welcome to visit this unusual stone statue garden any day of the week! (Hours vary depending on season).

Original Statue – Goliath

This garden in Salt Lake City contains  words of truth to Child during his deep rooted spiritual mission. Together, the figures create a scene of significance, and an exceptional stone garden in Utah. Child went through staggering lengths to acquire tremendous stones weighing up to 62 tons to create these extravagant original sculptures. He had passionate admiration for the normal excellence of the stone materials. Venturing to every part of the state, Child scoured mountainsides and stream beds in order to create his visionary garden sculptures. 

 After Thomas Child passed away in 1963, Gilgal Garden went under the control of new private proprietors, Friends of Gilgal Garden (FOGG). FOGG helped avoid advancement on the site, in order to safeguard the garden for public enjoyment. FOGG currently serves as the custodian of Gilgal Garden, and is in charge of improving the greenery enclosure. Since early 2000, FOGG has attempted an assortment of tasks to enhance the unique garden. These tasks have included creating a formal entry, introducing security fencing, developing a one hundred and ten food long divider to reestablish the bowery in the upper east corner of the enclosure, and creating seating within the garden.

In 2001, the Salt Lake County Master Gardener Associationreceived Gilgal Garden as one of its group ventures to improve. Since then, Master Gardener individuals have given many hours of hard work and dedication into planting new blossoms and bushes, creating a beautiful environment for those who enter the garden. Most Latter Day Saint (LDS) visitors visit Temple Square, and overlook this diamond in the rough that provokes deep reflection of the many symbolisms within the LDS religion. For those unfamiliar with the faith, this garden will absolutely spark wonder, and inspire the imagination, as to why Child felt compelled to create these unique sculptures.

Various Statues from Gilgal Sculpture Garden

Get your ticket for US Bus, and enjoy a true sense of discovery when you visit Gilgal Sculpture Garden for the first time.

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