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Get a Bite at Rich’s Burgers ‘n Grub

Need a Place to Eat in Utah? Don’t Worry! We Got Your Back.

There are plenty of good restaurants located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Now, the hard part is choosing which restaurants are worth your time and how much room you have in your belly. As a local, one of the most underrated restaurants to go is Rich’s Burgers ‘n Grub.

Get Your Grub on at Rich’s Burgers ‘n Grub

Located on 30 Broadway, Rich’s Burgers is at the most convenient locations to grab a bite, especially if you are from out of town. At a centralized location, this restaurant is only a couple of blocks away from City Creek and a few feet away from the bars nearby. This restaurant is family friendly, but also date friendly. In addition to the friendly atmosphere, there is fast and high quality service. Instead of grubbing on some fast food, why not sit down and enjoy a juicy and delicious burger at Rich’s Burgers?

Outside of Rich’s Burgers ‘n Grub


Absolutely one of my favorite places to go because each time you are able to pick a different style of burger that tasted totally different from your previous experience. From the Mac-n-Cheese Burgers to the Fried Egg Burger, the menu enables you to be adventurous and playful with your taste buds. If you aren’t going to be kissing anyone after eating, I would recommend you give the Garlic Burger a shot. They have whole pieces of garlic that are caramelized to perfection. My friends who have tried their burgers also recommend the Fried Egg Burger and the Mac-n-Cheese Burger. To make this place even better, Rich’s Burgers offers vegetarian burgers. For example, they have a house made bean patty that is fried to perfection. I know some of you may be thinking, “bean patty?,” but it actually delightful to your mouth.

Garlic Burger

Garlic Burger

Fried Egg Burger

Fried Egg Burger

The whole dinning experience itself wouldn’t be complete without the awesome customer service Rich’s offers. Every time I have been there to dine in, they are always super helpful and courteous towards all of the customers that come through the door.


The wings were a huge hit among my friends. Always super crispy on the outside, but tender and moist on the inside. If you get the wings with a side of blue cheese, your side order has just become your main star.

BBQ Wings

BBQ Wings


The sides were also a key player to the dinning experience itself. I would highly recommend the green beans or the sweet potato fries. Fried vegetables are still healthy, right?


Their menu offers descriptions of the food items in much more detail. You can see what goes into each burger and what type of food they offer. If this blog isn’t convincing enough, the Yelp reviews would make you drool all over your screen.

If you wanted to continue your adventure afterwards, you can head on over to walk around City Hall or hop down to the local bar, Twist, for a drink.

When you visit Salt Lake City, make sure to drop by Rich’s Burgers ‘n Grub for a unique dinning experience that you will always remember.