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Gateway Center: the heart of SLC

Gateway Center is the heart of Salt Lake City. This trip to the number 18 station you will never forget in your future life.

The Gateway Center Origins


The Gateway Center is the last station of the Utah’s US Bus Tour in Salt lake City. It is located in the center between the gateway and the Vivint Smart Home arena. As soon as you arrive the station, you can see a very big shopping center beside the station. It is the gateway. It was built prior to the 2002 Winter Olympics and located in the heart of Salt Lake City. The Gateway is a large open air complex plaza which contains retail stores, public office buildings and residential buildings in Downtown Salt Lake City. It combines shopping, entertainment and dinning which includes over 100 stores and restaurants. It is the destination for the visitors who come to visit Salt Lake City. The Gateway is one of the most beautiful and famous area in Downtown Salt Lake City.

The best area in the Gateway


The first landscape people will see in the Gateway area is the Union Pacific Building. It is just like the entrance to the Gateway Center. It has been renovated when the government intended to integrate the Union Pacific Building as a part of the Gateway. Important occasion such as weddings and school promos held here every year. It has became one of the most important part and famous architectural structures of Utah’s history.



The most beautiful scenery in the Gateway Center has to be the dancing waters of the Olympic Snowflake Fountain. You have to see this beautiful fountain if you come to visit the Gateway. The water will dance follow the rhythm of the incredible music. The music fountain is extremely beautiful ornamented by the lights at night. In Utah, the Gateway is not just like a normal shopping mall in any other city. It usually hosts many community events every year such as Festival & St. Patrick’s Day Parade, many festival celebrations and charitable community events in the downtown Salt Lake City.


Vivint Smart Home Arena

Many locals would come to the Gateway in advance before the start of game. The game here said is about Utah Jazz which is held in Vivint Smart Home Arena. People would come to the Gateway Center in advance because the traffic will be extremely abnormal when the game is about to start. So they usually drive to the Gateway early, park the car then walk to the Arena. This is the time you can see most people in salt lake city and also is the worst traffic jam in the salt lake city.


The Vivint Smart Home Arena is directly across the street, located in the 400 west and south temple. It was established in 1990 and called Energy Solution Arena or Delta Center. It is the home of the Utah Jazz. The Vivint Smart Home Arena also hosts many major concerts and different kind of shows. The arena has 19911 seats and hosts more than 100 different kind of events each year. Utah Jazz made playoffs for the 19th consecutive season include 97 & 98 finals and hall of frame players such as Karl MaloneJohn Stockton and Pete Maravich. These are all great achievements but most recognizably it was where the last shot and the flu game of Michael Jordan took place during the 97&98 NBA Finals. These made Michael Jordan became one of the most greatest athletes in the sports history.

Gateway Center is the last station of the Utah’s US Bus Tour. Do not forget to spend some time to take a walk in the Gateway when you almost end your bus trip in Utah. It will surely leave you a remarkable memory and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and historical structures. Make sure to take some time to visit the Vivint Smart Home Arena to feel its splendid sports achievements, you will never regret.