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Fun Things to do in Salt Lake City for Children

fun things to do in Salt Lake City for children

What are some fun things to do in Salt Lake City for children? Salt Lake City has lots of fun things for children to do. In Fact, you could easily say that Salt Lake City is one of the top cities for children’s activities as there are lots of children who live in Salt Lake City, even more than in most cities in the United States and even the world.

So what exactly are the top fun activities for children in Salt Lake City?

Here are ten of the best.

1. The Discovery Gateway Museum. Located at the Gateway mall, this museum has all kind of fun things for children from things to climb on, to science experiments, to hands on activities. You could say this children’s museum is like the Exploritorium of Salt Lake City.

2. Milk cows, pet baby animals, visit the people in the historic homes, try a Brigham’s doughnut, and go panning for gold at This is the Place State Park.

3. Check out lagoon an amusement park about 20 minutes away from downtown Salt Lake City with rides, trains, a water park and much more.

4. Family History Library– Check out the cool new displays where you dock a personalized ipad and learn all about your ancestors. This fun interactive activity is entertaining for both children and adults.

5. Hop on Hop Off Sightseeing Tour– Yes we are a bit biased as this is our tour, but really, we offer family passes for 2 adults and 2 kids or individual tickets for children 6-12 and a free ride for children under 6, and it is a lot of fun for children too and not just adults.

6. Gateway Fountains- cool off from the summer heat by running around and splashing in the fountains at the Gateway mall and listen to music. You can always find lots of children and their parents having fun here during the Summer.

7. Clark Planetarium- Explore the museum for free and do all kinds of children’s activities including pretending to predict the weather, or pay a few dollars to see a star show.

8. Take a tour of the state capitol building. They actually have special tour activities just for children. Including this children’s coloring book.

9. Go to the Fine Arts Museum at the University of Utah and ask to check out a children’s back pack with activities just for children to explore the museum.

10. Go on a hike. Salt Lake City and all of Utah is full of hikes for children of all ages and abilities. The Living Room Hike near Red Butte Garden, Ensign Peak, Mount Timpanogous, and Doughnut Falls are some of the more popular hikes for children.