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Fun Activities in Salt Lake – The Heritage Park

Looking for a weekend getaway full of fun activities in Salt Lake, UtahThis Is the Place Heritage Park has a lot to offer for you and your family’s enjoyment!

Get a peak on how it was in Utah during its early settlement. One of the famous things to see in the park is the monument. It is believed where Brigham Young indicated “This is The Place” in Utah. The large monument was completed in 1947 during the 100th anniversary of the pioneers in the valley. But that is not the only monument inside the park, you can walk around the park and see more monument that represents the early settlement in Utah. You can also hop on the train for a tour around the park. There are currently three trains available that will tour you around the park, Blackhawk, the Jupiter, and 119.

Fun Activities in Salt Lake

Fun Activities in Salt Lake – This is The Place Heritage Park

There are a lots of fun activities in Salt Lake just in one park!

Handcart Trek

Test yourself if you would be able to push and pull a pioneer-era hand cart up a dusty mountain side while wearing a period costume. Day Trek is one of the park’s most popular activity. Day Trek is an all-day activity that starts early and ends in the evening with lots of fun activities in between. The trekkers would be able to reenact pioneers’ activities. The activities will help trekkers to appreciate the sacrifices of the pioneers in Utah.

Fun Activities in Salt Lake

Western Trail Rides – experience horseback trail rides and explore 450 acres with iconic views of the Salt Lake Valley on the base of Emigration Canyon. The park has healthy horses to ride at every age and skill level. So, you don’t need to worry if you are a skilled rider or a beginner. The trail ride is guided by a wrangler expert and are for ages 5 and up! The rides are available from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 7pm.

After school riding lessons is now available for ages 8 and up! Click here.

Service Project – Whether it is just you and your family or hundreds of hard working people, everyone is welcome to volunteer. Get ready and act like a pioneer who’s ready to get dirt on their hands. There are also dozens of Eagle Scout projects to experience. To learn more about service projects, contact (801) 924 – 7510.

Activity Day Girls Camp – Let the girls experience girls camp in Salt Lake and have the best time enjoying interactive and exciting activities inside the park. The park would let the girls experience making handkerchief dolls, pull hand carts, and pan for gold. The park activity would also let the girls experience pioneer chores and tour around the Brigham Young Forest Farm house.

The Ultimate Summer Camp – The ultimate summer camp happens every June of the year. This year in will from June 20 to 24. So hurry and sign up now! Ultimate Summer Camp you would be able to experience signaturesummer camp activities where there are challenging courses you need to finish. Ride horses, fish, and scale rock wall is also included in the camp activity list. In the summer camp, you would also be able to visit other amazing places in Utah other than This Is the Place Heritage Park, Utah’s Hogle Zoo, Natural History Museum of Utah, Red Butte Gardens, and Camp Kostopulos.

Register here to experience the fun activities in Salt Lake on Ultimate Summer Camp!


Wedding and Receptions     

Fun Activities in Salt Lake

This Is The Place Heritage Park would not only let you experience the fun activites in Salt Lake, you can also celebrate your wedding and anniversary or other special events at the park. There are nine wedding and receptions venues available in the park with amazing views of Salt Lake City and the mountains. The This Is the Place Heritage Park is “the place” for your perfect event. The park has event planners that will help you on every detail from catering to floral decorations, and other important things that matters to you for your special event.

For more information, visit the website or call (801) 924 7507


The Best Little Gift West of the Mississippi

The Best Little Gift West of the Mississippi is the amazing place inside the park for shopping experience. You would be able to purchase Utah pioneer souvenirs and lots of other goodies. Native American goods and Utah rocks and crystals are also available in the gift shop.

This Is the Place Heritage Park is the perfect place to enjoy fun activities that will let you experience how it is like during the pioneer-era. The park is an amazing place to learn and appreciate about the early settlers in Utah.

Visit This Is the Place Heritage Park website for more information about Admission and fun activities in Salt Lake. And check out their Fabook account for event updates!