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Fort Douglas Museum: A Small Step into History

My Experience at Fort Douglas

Fort Douglas Museum was a great educational and visual experience. I had a wonderful time learning snippets of all the major wars that has happened with the U.S. My tour guide was a charming old fellow named Don. He served in some branch of the special forces and was very passionate about what the museum was about. While walking through Fort Douglas Museum it was interesting seeing what they used back then and how it evolved overtime and learning new things about the wars. All of the exhibits were authentic and you were able to get close enough to see the details in the soldier uniforms, or the detail in the old carbines. For being one of the few museums in Salt Lake City, overall, the tour was great and you can also choose to just free roam the museum, which I got to do at the end and take a look at the bigger exhibits outside that included different vehicles and artillery.

Don and Flag

Fort Douglas Museum Tour Guide Don

Here’s Don, my tourist for the tour. He was a very fun guy to get to know!



World Trade Center Piece

A Piece of the World Trade Center





Personally this exhibit was my favorite. Why? Because it is an actual piece of the World Trade Center when 9/11 happened. It just reminds me when most of the U.S.A came together to help and showed how America can be as one.

History of Fort Douglas

Fort Douglas was established in 1862 and was the largest fort west of the Mississippi. Formerly known as Camp Douglas, it was used as an outpost to protect mail routes and telegraph lines. Camp Douglas got its name from Steven A. Douglas for his alliance with the West and recent passing away. Camp Douglas became Fort Douglas when it became an important supply outpost for the cavalry. Fort Douglas Military Museum opened as a museum in May 14, 1976 and is one of the few military museums in Utah. Not to bore you with too much detail in the history of Ft. Douglas, Utah, but it’s always good to know your history.

If you want to know more about the history of Fort Douglas, Utah, you can click this Link. This website created by the University of Utah gives a bigger overview of how Ft. Douglas Military Museum came to be.

About Fort Douglas Museum Today

Ft. Douglas today is a historic museum owned by the University of Utah and is still standing strong. When you walk into this visually appealing army museum, you are greeted with this nice exhibit with different type of soldier mannequins all dressed in real army uniforms. The tour of Fort Douglas Museum is all free for your learning benefit and is well worth the time.

Different Soldiers

Great Depiction of Different Kinds of Soldiers

Being one of the army museums in Utah, this great museum radiates history with its many exhibits from different time periods. Whats cool about some of these exhibits is that you can touch some of them and see how technology has advanced over the years. Another small reason Ft. Douglas Museum is a good place to stop at is its souvenir shop near the entrance/exit of the building. I myself couldn’t help buy a USA sweater along with a cannon sharpener because it was affordable and a good souvenir to take home. The small shop in the corner illuminated patriotism with its different collection of army books, american flags, and little toys, and like i said its not too pricey!

Left Half Outside Fort Douglas Museum

Small Glimpse of Outside Exhibits

Some other interesting things about Fort Douglas Museum today is that it can be used as a venue for any type of party you want to throw. It is in a beautiful area of the University of Utah and prices are very negotiable. There are events that go on and ways you can get involved with this war museum at their website Fort Douglas Website.