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Fancy Architecture – Utah City Creek Center

City Creek Center is located in the center of Salt Lake City, which is the retail centerpiece of one of the nation’s largest mixed-use downtown Salt Lake redevelopment projects. The famous Salt Lake shopping mall features over 110 City Creek Center stores and restaurants in a casual, walkable environment. As City Creek Center won the Certification Excellence Reward issued by TripAdvior in 2015, it also became the popular stop of the Utah Sightseeing Bus. City Creek Center is not only eminent as a Utah shopping mecca but also famous for its unique and fancy architectural style. It has even been named Best Retail Development by the International Property Awards for 2012.


The “mall is the single most important thing to happen to Salt Lake City in 50 years, maybe more,” said Bruce Bingham, a partner with Hamilton Partners, a Chicago-based real estate developer. “It revitalized downtown.”


citycreek4City Creek Center is a $1.5 million plus, 20-acre compound, accented with fountains, a synthetic creek, a retractable glass roof and a pedestrian skywalk over Main Street. The fountains, called the America First Credit Union fountain, were designed by the creators of the Bellagio Hotel fountains. The water works show at the west end of the mall starts up every hour on the hour. The show includes patterned water and fire elements choreographed to music. The America First Credit Union fountain’s style imitated the Bellagio style, was deemed as one of the most fabulous Utah fountains. Unlike other indoor shopping malls, the design team aimed at building a great environmental outdoor shopping mall in Salt Lake. That is why they put the waterfall in the City Creek.  The waterfalls can even reach 18 feet tall. There is also a splash pad located nearby the fountain. When the weather warms up, parents love taking their kids to the splash pads. You can enjoy the warmth of families and see the cutest children if you go for watch the fountain show during Utah summer. Nothing would be great if you hold an ice cream, then sit behind and watch the fountain shows.

citycreek2The retractable glass roof is 250 feet long and 60 feet wide on each block, for a total of 500 feet. Each section of the glass roof is with a slight S-shape that echoes the curve of the signature creek below. The most surprising part of the glass roof is that it could be controlled to open or close depends on the change of the weather. As a result, the City Creek Center’s operation is not under the monitoring of weather in Salt Lake. The precision-sculpted steel and glass transparently shields patrons when closed and disappears when open, connecting nature with the areas below. For each block, the retractable roof is comprised of three pairs of glass-covered, arching panels that cantilever 33 feet from the adjacent structures over the retail concourse. When closed, all six panels seal together and create an air- and water-tight barrier. To open, the panels part in the middle and retract onto the building structure as the panels lay down out of sight from below.


citycreek5The retractable glass roof even earned national recognition in the 2013 Innovative Design in Engineering and Architecture with Structural Steel awards program (IDEAS2). In fact, the IDEASaward is the highest, most prestigious honor bestowed on building projects by the structural steel industry in the U.S. and recognizes the importance of teamwork, coordination and collaboration in fostering successful construction projects. If you are an architecture freaker, do not miss this Utah architecture masterpiece!




Furthermore, City Creek Center is invested by Utah Mormons. There is also a uniqueness about this mall – Mormon Style. It is the real estate arm of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So that area is sort of like the Mormon Vatican. Unlike most shopping centers around the country, religious observance affects this mall, where the shops, except for the City Creek Center restaurants, are closed on Sundays. Other than Sunday, City Creek Center hours is from 10 am to 9 pm every day. From the back of City Creek Center, it is easy to find the Salt Lake Temple. The shopping center provide a lot of conveniences, more than 30 shops validate shopping center parking, so Salt Lake City visitors do not need to worry about the parking fee.


Check it out! Do not miss this fancy architecture – City Creek Center!