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Entertainment at Utah’s Hogle Zoo

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is a Salt Lake City attraction that has been around since 1931. It is home for 800 different animals and 249 different species. Making it a fun filled day for the family to experience all the wildlife the zoo can offer. They are also ranked in the top 12 for things to do in Salt Lake City. It is located at the mouth of Emigration Canyon and the nearest zoo to enjoy for everyone in the x.

There are a great amount of exciting daily programs and shows to enjoy. One of which is the Elephant Encounter. Elephants are wonderful and smart animals. They can paint pictures, return a keeper’s hat, and even stand perfectly still so they can have their toenails trimmed. The staff at the zoo work closely with the Elephants to help highlight the talents they can offer for the guests. This is a wonderful program offered that will be loved by all!

During the summer, the World of Flight Bird Show is taking flight daily! This program is one of the most popular attractions at the zoo featuring eaglesfalcons, hawks, parrots, and owls. The 25-minute presentation has the birds often flying directly over the heads of those in the audience. This is a rare and great opportunity that allows people to get close and personal with these amazing birds. A star of the show is the Steller’s Sea Eagle, which is the third largest eagle in the world! That’s something to check off the bucket list!

The zoo has had many births over the years of a variety of animals. Some of these include Zuri an African Elephant, Chim a Snow Leopard, Tuah a Bornean Orangutan, three African Lion Cubs, and two Amur Leopard cubs that were born in February of this year. This summer is a great time to come see these two new cubs! Each of these births have created an opportunity to see the life cycle of different animals and bring people in to see the new additions to the zoo.

One of the main buildings is the Small Animal Building. This is a building built in the 1970’s that features four different ecosystems. These four ecosystems are the Tropics zone, Temperate Zone, Desert Zone, and Rainforest Aviary. The Tropics zone features animals from Rainforests around the globe. Some of the animals featured here are a family of Titi Monkeys, Golden Lion Tamarin, and a variety of reptiles that include the Indian Star Tortoises, Green Tree Pythons, and a Cottonmouth. So, if you’re looking to get a dose of the rainforest wildlife this is the perfect spot for you!

Giraffes are also a newer addition that had their exhibit open in May of 2014. The Hogle Zoo also offers giraffe feeding times during the summer. Which is another of the opportunities the zoo provides to the guests to bring an interaction that you will always remember.

So, don’t hesitate to join the staff and other visitors at the Hogle Zoo! The staff is friendly and at the ready to answer any questions about the animals or zoo that you have. Pricing is reasonable and there are other attractions such as a Train Ride, Carousel Ride, or Wild Ride Punch Pass that you can obtain in the park to enhance your experience.

Hogle Zoo is a great place to come enjoy nature and the wonderful animals from all around the world. Bring the whole family for entertainment and memories that you will be able to take home and cherish forever. This is a place in Salt Lake City that you don’t want to miss out on!