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Come Visit City Creek Mall

Why Visit City Creek Mall

City Creek Mall is stop number 17 on Utah’s US Bus Tour of the city. City Creek Mall is the newest mall in the Salt Lake City area with over dozens of shops and restaurants, this is the perfect stop to shop and eat while enjoying the open roof concept that encompasses this beautiful mall with over 1.4 million square feet, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, you can see the sky from any section of City Creek. Along with shopping and dining, there is a magnificent water fountain display on the west end of City Creek, right next to the Nordstroms and Tiffany & Co., which your children can play in. Don’t worry, with Utah’s summer heat, the kids will be dried off in no time. After they dry off, stop at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for one of my favorites the milk chocolate almond cluster.



Grab Some Grub

With over 23 different restaurants to choose from, City Creek is the place to eat. You have Cheesecake Factory, Blue Lemon, Jimmy Johns, Chick Fil A, Texas de Brazil, and many more you might have a harder problem choosing a place to eat! City Creek offers the best restaurants in town to match its layout and atmosphere. You will feel like you have stepped into a whole new world with City Creek’s dining options. Dining in Salt Lake City can be difficult because there are so many great options, but City Creek has a wide range of options to choose from so stop by and see what they have to offer.


Shop Till You Drop

Shopping in Salt Lake City is one of the best places to shop and shopping at City Creek makes it that much easier and more enjoyable. With over dozens of stores to shop such as Nordstoms, Macy’s, Tiffany & Co., Express, Apple, Mircosoft, Free People, H&M, Forever 21, and many more. Shopping at City Creek gives you an array of different options to choose from and many different styles to shop for. The Nordstroms at City Creek is huge and offers everything that the other Nordstroms in Utah offers. When you shop at City Creek, you are getting the best shopping experience in Utah. So make sure to stop here for a while as you take the Utah US Bus Tour of Salt Lake City.