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Clark Planetarium at The Gateway

The Clark Planetarium is located within The Gateway at 400 West and 100 South in downtown Salt Lake City. It’s open 7 days a week with the hours being Thursday- Saturday from 1030 A.M.- 11:00 P.M. and Sunday 10:30 A.M – 7:00 P.M. Clark Planetarium is a unique experience within walking distance to many restaurants and outdoor shopping.  Inside of Clark Planetarium you will find Hansen Dome theater, which has the first “pitless” digital dome planetarium in the USA.  The dome is 55 foot perforated aluminum dome and it seats 190 and you have individual interactive seat button controls.  You will experience an entirely new way in 3 dimensions with the resolution that will take your breath away. As you walk in through the front door you will see a huge image of the world.  This is just the start of your experience at Clark Planetarium.  Located inside Clark Planetarium is also an Orbital ATK IMAX theater.  A major renovation was done in 2010, so you will be able to relax and enjoy a feature show in 3-D or 2-D. Most of the guest spend 1.5 hours at Clark Planetarium, so you will certainly have a lots to do while you are there.

Production at Clark Planetarium

As part of a 37 year tradition of Hansen Planetarium you will be able to view some of the following shows. Perfect Little Planet –It’s a 3-D tour of the modern solar system.  Led Zeppelin– Is an all time favorite and highly recommended.  You will experience an amazing light show and of course classic Led Zeppelin songs.  It’s a 40 minute show and ticket prices are very affordable ranging from $7 for children from 3-12 years old and adults $9.  Also featured and a fan favorite is the Rock the Dome Modern, where you can rock out to modern rock or classic rock.  The best part is this will be equipped with mind blowing lasers that everyone of all ages will surely enjoy.


History of Clark Planetarium at The Gateway

The Clark Planetarium opened in April 2003, replacing the historic Hansen Planetarium.  It was opened under a grant from Clark foundation and with the help of Salt Lake County.  Situated within The Gateway outdoor mall which was opened in November 2001.  The Gateway outdoor mall was opened as part of Salt Lake City’s urban development and was first opened prior to the 2002 Winter Olympics.  As part of the experience you will have when visiting The Gateway mall, you will have access to 57 stores and 11 restaurants.  



Features of The Gateway

Once you’ve rocked out inside the Dome at Clark Planetarium you can head out side and enjoy The Gateway outdoor shopping. The Gateway outdoor mall has 57 stores to choose from. Take a peek inside of Abercrombie & Fitch or stop by Barnes & Nobles and snag yourself a book.  Also, featured at the Gateway is the Buckle, Bastile, Fanzz, and Morgan Jewlers to name a few.

If you have small children you can also take them to discovery gateway where you can spend all afternoon.  Discovery Gateway is a children’smuseum which offers 60,000 square feet of fun interactive experiencefor your children.  Your children will be able to enjoy hands on fun workshops or programs.  The best part is the entire family can play together. Now, through September 10, 2017 you can enjoy The Children of Hangzhou.  You’ll connect with China exhibition that will immerse you with daily lives of Chinese Children.   This great adventure is produced by Boston Children’s Museumas part of the Freeman Foundation Asian culture.

Once you and your family have had time to enjoy your self, feel free to relax in the courtyard that is provided on the south side of the Gateway.  There are swings for your children to enjoy while you recover from a fun filled day.  Once you are done enjoying some sunshine you can grab a bite to eat at Happy Sumo Sushi!  This will top off a fantastic adventure.  If you don’t feel like doing everything, pick your favorite and enjoy your time at The Gateway