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City Creek Center-The most prosperous area in SLC

History and overall design of the city creek center

City Creek Center was located in the temple squire at Salt Lake City it center is a mixed-used upscale open-air shopping place in the downtown Salt Lake City. It was established in March 22 2012 undertaking by Property Reserve, Inc and it already cost around 1.5 billion until right now. The City Creek Center contains public office buildingshopping centers, public parking and apartments buildings. The developing of city creek center was started in 2003 the design of the city creek center was announced to public in October 2006 and it officially open to public on March 22 2012. The City Creek Center is part of an approximately $5 billion sustainable design project to revitalize downtown Salt Lake City. Nowadays City Creek Center already become Central business district in the salt lake city, not  only led to economic development but also Improve the city’s construction, provide the public with a better living environment. Today the city creek center is the most prosperous area in the downtown, if your not local first time visit the Salt Lake City don’t know where to visit, the City Creek Center must your first choice

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Why city creek center become the most prosperous area in SLC

The reason why city creek center  is the most prosperous place in Sale Lake City because it has an amazing landscape design. In order to provide the customer a better shopping environment, the plaza equipped a retractable roof, a total of six acres green areasimulated creek and music fountain. The shopping center constituted by two blocks, and is linked by a pedestrian sky bridge the sky bridge connects the 2 upper floors of the shopping center across Main Street and acts as a pedestrian connector. This combination of human and nature must be an amazing shopping experience, today city creek center already become the most developed economic center in the downtown Salt Lake City.


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prosperous because of the Surrounding facilities

There are excellent public transports around the city creek, like the truck station, and US bus. For the convenience for the customers who was driving their own car, city creek center has a large underground parking which has 5600 vehicle spaces. The parking is mixed use, serving monthly, daily and residential use. Not only the public traffic and parking, the Marriott Hotel was also located in the city creek center, for the development of the city creek center the Marriott Hotel was renamed by the “Salt Lake City Marriott Downtown”, and that was the only one Marriott Hotel in the downtown.


prosperous because of the Retail

City creek shopping center main body was anchored by two big department stores, Nordstrom and Macy’s. In addition to the Macy’s and NORDSTROM plaza, it also includes some other famous retail such as Apple, Tiffany.CO, and Rolex. In general, city creek center can provide all the needs from the customers whether it is electronic product, clothing or cosmetic so more and more people choose to shop in the city creek plaza. Along with those retails, they also have some large commercial office like Zions bank building and Key bank building. Because of those large-scale retailers and large consortia let the City Creek Center become  moreprosperous.

prosperous because of eating

There are several eateries conveniently located in the city creek center food court like McDonald’s, Subway and Starbucks, they can very easily provide food and drinks to the visitor. Apart from this city creek center also have some upscale restaurants like Cheesecake FactoryBiro and the Texas  Brazil buffet, which facilitate the gathering between friends and family party.

City creek center was a station for the US bus line, when you take the US bus visiting around the Salt lake city, leave some time to walk in the city creek center don’t miss the most prosperous place in downtown, I promise that was amazing and will leave you an unforgettable memory.

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