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Church & State: A Business Incubator and Community Support System Spotlighting Utah as a Cultural Hub

Look for the Historic, Brick Church on the Right! 

Along your way through downtown Salt Lake City, keep your eyes peeled to make sure you don’t miss the Church & State building. It truly is an undercover beauty, so make sure to hop off the bus and take a tour of the space! A non-profit, community-managed business incubator organization is housed in a beautiful, 21,000 square foot historic church. The church has been around since 1893. Don’t be fooled by the outside of the building… the inside is the cool part. The inside of the church was recently renovated with a modern, open, productive feel with brick and wooden walls, simple encouraging graphics, and accents of metal. It is furnished with lavish, cushioned couches and fur rugs, rustic wooden tables, and creatively-designed light fixtures. Though it’s been modernly renovated, theChurch still has it’s original structure and frame, with its stunning chapel and intricate and colorful stained glass windows.



Have Some Work to do on the road? Or Perhaps You Might be Staying a While?

The greatest part about this building is that it’s open to the public. That’s right. It’s a community building! You can come in and get some real work done in an environment that fosters creativity, productivity and efficiency. You’re amongst entrepreneurs and businesspeople working on their start-ups across all industries, so excitement and intelligence is notably in the air. It really has a community feel, too, with two new, delicious little bakeries. Plus, if you’re staying in the area for a while, there’s office space for rent! Church & State provides an incredible environment for growing your business… they offer resources to help you to grow a sustainable business. What kind of resources you ask? “These resources include mentorship, a curated speaker series, training workshops, resource partners and spaces that are thoughtfully-designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and collisions among entrepreneurs.” Church & State is known around the community to be a truly beautiful space. Additional to office space to rent, they also offer rental space for photography shoots as well as rental space for events. Events such as weddings, intimate concerts, and business conferences have all been held in this space before.

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Recap of Why You Should Definitely Check This Place Out!

Salt Lake City’s Church & State building spotlights Utah (and, more specifically, Salt Lake City) as a business and cultural hub. It’s an up-and-coming spot, set in an old, beautiful, mystifying church. It’s truly a historical site to stop and check out if you’re traveling, but also a place to delve deeper into if you’re going to stay in the area! Like I said earlier, if you ever need to rent space for eventsrent space for an office, or simply to get involved with the salt lake community and find some networking opportunities, this place should be the first place you look. The founder of the non-profit community organization laid out his goal for Church & State in one concise quote: “Our goal is to make a vibrant community of people who want to support entrepreneurs. We don’t want people who only think about what they can take. We want people that are giving. If everyone has that attitude here, people will come together.” Church & State is a site to see. It’s an incredible, historical site that is provides charitable services, promoting local business and community togetherness. It’s on it’s way to making the Salt Lake Community one that has a giving attitude and really values community engagement, community involvement, and community supportiveness. The Church & State establishment is one that is working to change the people’s mindset in the business world and promote a helping community. 


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