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Historical Sites

Historical Sites

Fort Douglas Museum: A Small Step into History

My Experience at Fort Douglas Fort Douglas Museum was a great educational and visual experience. I had a wonderful time learning snippets of all the major wars that has happened with the U.S. My tour guide was a charming old fellow named Don. He served in some branch of the special forces and was very passionate about what the museum was about. While walking through Fort Douglas Museum it was interesting seeing what they used back then and how it evolved overtime and learning new things about the wars. All of the exhibits were authentic and you were able to get close enough to see the details in the soldier uniforms, or the detail in the old carbines. For being one of the few museums in Salt Lake City, overall, the tour was great and you can also choose to just free…

Visit the Historic Salt Lake Tabernacle

Visiting Salt Lake City should be on everyone’s bucket list. There’s great food, exciting night life, and a history that can be found in a countless number of places. One of those must-see historic venues along the US Bus route is the historic Salt Lake Tabernacle on Temple Square. Directly west of the castle (formally known as the Salt Lake Temple), is the dome-shaped Tabernacle, which was built by the Mormon Pioneers after they settled in the Salt Lake Valley back in 1847. From music recitals to motivational speakers, or simply gazing in awe at the majesty of this building, visiting the Historic Salt Lake Tabernacle should be on every tourist’s itinerary when visiting the Mountain West. 19th Century Craftsmanship Preserved For more than 150 years, the Salt Lake Tabernacle has been esteemed as a complex, world-known piece of architecture. With most modern-day technologies not available in the 1800s, the architects were very…

Fun Activities in Salt Lake – The Heritage Park

Looking for a weekend getaway full of fun activities in Salt Lake, UtahThis Is the Place Heritage Park has a lot to offer for you and your family’s enjoyment! Get a peak on how it was in Utah during its early settlement. One of the famous things to see in the park is the monument. It is believed where Brigham Young indicated “This is The Place” in Utah. The large monument was completed in 1947 during the 100th anniversary of the pioneers in the valley. But that is not the only monument inside the park, you can walk around the park and see more monument that represents the early settlement in Utah. You can also hop on the train for a tour around the park. There are currently three trains available that will tour you around the park, Blackhawk, the Jupiter, and 119. Fun Activities in…

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