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Brewery in Utah, Squatters, Salt Lake’s Best Beers

Located in downtown Salt Lake CitySquatters Pub Brewery has one of Utah’s best beer selections. Historically known for strict alcohol policies, Utah’s liquor laws don’t encourage the sale or promotion of alcohol consumption. This hasn’t stopped Utah breweries from practicing their craft. A popular brewery is the award-winning SquattersCraft Beers, with a large beer selection & food menu, this is one of the places to go to if you plan to visit Utah, or if you’re a local looking for things to do in Salt Lake, definitely visit this place!

US Bus Utah & Squatters

Image of the bar area of Squatters Pub Brewery in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Bar area near the entrance of Squatters Pub Brewery

When you purchase a tour bus ticket with US Bus Utah, you will be dropped off near Squatters’ main entrance. A second bus will return in roughly 45 minutes, depending on peak seasons. Also, for your safety, please be sure to ask US Bus Utah drivers about the policy on alcohol consumption and riding the bus.

When you arrive at Squatters, you’ll have a choice of sitting at a table or opting for sitting at the bar. Beware, if you’re there during peak hours, there may be a waiting time for tables. On the other hand, sitting at the bar has no wait time, provided that there’s space available. Because this is also a restaurant, children are allowed entrance, but they can only be seated at the tables and not the bar, keep this in mind as you make travel plans!

Brief History

Founded in September 5, 1989 by Jeff Polychronis and Peter Cole, Squatters Pub Brewery has a history of appreciating great beer, and giving locals a place that matched their enthusiasm for crafted beers. Modeled after pubs throughout the West, Squatters has maintained their goal of providing world class handcrafted beers and food in a friendly environment.

Popular Beers

Image of Captain Bastard's Oatmeal Stout

Captain Bastard’s Oatmeal Stout

Something that makes Squatters special is its partnership with Wasatch Brewery. Popular beers like Squatters’ Hop Rising Double IPA, and Wasatch Brewery’s Ghostridercan be found in Squatters’ downtown Salt Lake City, Airport, and Park City locations. Other favorites include: Chasing Tail Golden Ale, and Captain Bastard’s Oatmeal Stout for those who prefer darker beers. Waiters can also suggest local favorites, along with popular food pairings. Remember, they’re more than willing to let you try a sample, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Food Selection

Image of Mesquite Chicken Salad at Squatters

Mesquite Chicken Salad

Image of Classic American Burger at Squatters

Classic American Burger

Of course Squatters is not only a beer bar, when it comes to food selection, they provide ample varieties, take a look at their menu to get an idea. Popular food includes burgers, appetizers, sandwiches, pizzas, soups & salads. USA Today’s 10 best ranks Squatters as one of the top three restaurant pubs to visit in Salt Lake City. Utah’s Office of Tourism also lists Squatters on their official guide for Utah visitors, with plenty of reviews provided by TripAdvisor.

An Eco-Friendly Brewery

Part of Squatters philosophy embraces the Triple Bottom Line values in which they place importance on People, Planet, and Profit. They support many local organizations which include: The Downtown AllianceUtahns Against HungerEquality UtahAlliance House, and Green Bike SLC.

They also use healthy quality ingredients, as well as environmentally friendly products and services from local suppliers. Through these actions, they’re able to keep track of ingredient quality, while also promoting healthy business relationships amongst locals. Squatters also purchases wind power, and are looking for ways to reduce carbon footprint by using recycled materials, and purchasing goods that are environmentally friendly. Because of their actions, they’ve been recognized with numerous environmental awards, and accomplishments.