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All About Funeral Potatoes


Have you heard all about funeral potatoes? Chances are good that even if you aren’t from Utah, if you have even visited Utah, then you have at least heard of funeral potatoes. Or maybe you even saw the walmart ads for funeral potatoes that were displaying online for a bunch of people a few months ago. In any case, you are probably wondering what exactly are funeral potatoes? How do you make funeral potatoes? and Why are they so popular in Utah?

As you can tell from the picture with this blog post, funeral potatoes were featured on of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics pins. That is how popular funeral potatoes are in Utah.

The history of funeral potatoes is that they are a popular dish often made and served after funerals for members of the LDS church (sometimes called Mormons) who have died. Chances are good that once you see what funeral potatoes are you will recognize them. You just aren’t used to them being called funeral potatoes.

The basic recipe for a funeral potatoes dish is the following:

1. Potatoes (of course) diced into small pieces.
2. Cheddar cheese- lots of it.
3. Cream of chicken soup. (sometimes cream of mushroom soup is used instead) 1 can per casserole dish.
4. Onions (sometimes onions are not included)
5. Sour cream- usually 1 8 oz. container per casserole dish.

The basic recipe involves mixing the potatoes, cheese, cream soup, sour cream and onions (if used) together in a large bowl, then putting the mixture into a casserole pan and baking it at 350 degrees for about 1 hour.

There are a few other variations such as also putting corn flakes on top crushed, or adding in some sliced ham or bacon bits.