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25 Salt Lake City Travel Hacks

salt lake city travel hacks

Are you planning to travel to Salt Lake City soon? If so here are 25 Salt Lake City travel hacks to make your trip to Salt Lake City easier and more enjoyable.

1. Unless you are a large group traveling together or you have a lot of luggage, take the public transit green line trax from the Salt Lake City airport to downtown Salt Lake City. It’s cheap. Only $2.50 per person and runs from about 6 am. to midnight 7 days per week. Forget Uber, Lyft, taxis and other services, although you will find plenty of them in Salt Lake City.

2. The weather in Salt Lake City and Utah can be strange, very strange in fact. You can experience all 4 seasons in one day sometimes. If you are traveling to Salt Lake City in the Summer, you will still want to bring some kind of sweater, jacket and or rain poncho just in case.

3. Most venues close by 5 p.m. most weekdays except for Temple Square and the Clark Planetarium so if you are short on time, or want to see as many things as possible during your stay, then plan to visit these in the evening since they stay open until 9 p.m. The big exception is on Wednesdays when some venues that normally close at 5 stay open until 9, for example the Fine Arts Museum and the Natural History Museum.

4. If you are on a strict budget Salt Lake City has a lot of things to do for free or almost free. Check out a list of some of them here.

5. Unless you want to visit the Great Salt Lake, Park City or the canyons and mountains, it is very possible to visit Salt Lake City without a car. So you will want to think about if you really want one. If you don’t rent a car, then there are tour options for visiting the places you can’t get to by car.

6. Parking downtown is a pain and can be quite costly. For boarding our hop on hop off sightseeing tours and for other things as well, you can park for free at the state capitol building. It’s a nice short walk down to Temple Square and other sites. Although walking back up is really hard on your knees, back etc. Public buses do also go there.

7. We don’t sell alcohol other than beer in our grocery stores and have some rather weird alcohol laws so if you plan to drink anywhere other than at a restaurant or bar you will need to do some advance planning.

8. Many things are closed on Sunday so you will want to plan your Sunday in advance. That said, our tours do run on Sunday and of course grocery stores, and some of the basic places are open, you will just find that many restaurants and some other venues are closed on Sunday.

9. Visiting the Great Salt Lake takes about 4 hours and no you can’t take public transit there so you will want to plan in advance if you plan to go there.

10. Salt Lake City can get much quieter at night except for restaurants, bars and concerts so don’t expect to find the city hopping at night like some places. However, I did compile a list of things to do in Salt Lake city at night.

11. Many people consider Salt Lake City to be the biggest small city. You will see what we mean when you come here. While we aren’t exactly a small city with over 150,000 people in the city itself and nearly 1.5 million in Salt Lake county, we still have in many ways a small city feel.

12. Most downtown hotels are within a 15 minute walk or a 10 minute bike ride from the Salt Palace convention center so as long as you are at a downtown hotel you are going to be close to the convention center.

13. Salt Lake City has a Green Bike program that lets you rent a green bike and ride it around downtown for easy transit for only $7 for unlimited 1 hour rides for 24 hours.

14. Salt Lake City has a problem with homeless people and others begging for money. It’s gotten better in the past few years but can still be a problem. Please do not give them anything and ignore them no matter what. If you really want to help you will find red parking like meters where you can put in your spare change to help the homeless.

15. The Salt Lake City downtown Farmers Market can be the best way to get some fresh produce and try out local foods. It happens every Saturday from June-October at Pioneer Park downtown and then there is an indoor market in the Winter.

16. It only takes about 30-40 minutes to get to 90% of our ski resorts from the airport so if you are coming to ski, you can get here very fast.

17. We are really big on outdoors and sports here and of all kinds. We don’t just have skiing and snowboarding. You can literally do everything from mountain climbing, to golf, to ice skating, to ice hockey and more.

18. The Salt Lake City area and in fact of all of Utah altitude is much higher than most people are used to so you want to be aware of this and plan ahead for it.

19. Salt Lake city is built on a grid system. This means that the entire city is built around the temple. Difficult to understand at first but easy to use once you know how it works.

20. Our national parks are all within a 4-5 hour drive so yes you can come to Salt Lake City and the national parks on the same trip but not in the same day.

21. The arts scene is really big here. Opera, ballet, symphony, and tons of concerts of all kinds.

22. We have lots of children in Salt Lake City and naturally lots of things for children to do.

23. Yes we love our fry sauce, green jello and funeral potatoes but not really that much. They are more cultural phenomenons than actually things that people eat on a regular basis.

24. 1 block is 1/8 of a mile here so yes you aren’t imagining things if you think that a block is really long here.

25. In conclusion we really aren’t that weird despite what you might have heard. You can find everything here you’ll need and that you forgot when you packed.