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10 Truths about Salt Lake City and 10 Lies About Salt Lake City

about salt lake city

So you think you know about Salt Lake City? Many people think they know about Salt Lake City yet often there are myths about Salt Lake City and lies that people believe to be the truth. Here are 10 truths about Salt Lake City and 10 lies about Salt Lake City.

Ten Truths about Salt Lake City

1. Salt Lake City has weird liquor laws. Yes it’s true. Our liquor laws are weird. Although they are changing and are less weird than they used to be. For example, you can’t buy any alcohol other than beer at the grocery store or gas station and you can’t buy alcohol at all on Sundays.

2. A lot of places are closed on Sunday. Yes it’s true. Many restaurants, shops and other places are closed on Sunday. The main reason for this is that the dominant religion (LDS or Mormon) believes in not working on Sunday. However, we are open on Sundays for our tours.

3. Salt Lake City has bigger than average families. Yes it’s true. The average family in Utah and Salt Lake City has four children compared with two children in the rest of the United States.

4. There is no state lottery and gambling in all forms is illegal. Yep, we don’t like gambling in Utah.

5. Green Jello is the official snack of Utah. Yep, we like our green jello and there is even an olympic 2002 pin with it on it.

6. Funeral Potatoes are a big thing in Salt Lake City and Utah. True. We love our funeral potatoes.

7. Our 2002 winter olympics actually made money. Yes, it’s true, while most olympic cities lose money. We made money and a lot of it. Several million dollars in fact.

8. We have the greatest snow on earth. True. Well at least we like to think it is but don’t ask anyone from Colorado or you probably will get a different answer.

9. All of the streets in Salt Lake City are based around the Temple. True, Salt Lake City is built on a grid system based around Temple Square.

10. Our city is clean. Yes, we pride ourselves in having a very clean city. Visitors to Salt Lake City are always talking about how clean the city is.

10 Lies about Salt Lake City

1. Everyone or almost everyone is Mormon. This is the one we hear the most and yet it couldn’t be further from the truth. Salt Lake City proper is about 40% Mormon and the rest of the state varies from 50-80%. However, we have people who live here of every religion including Muslims, Jews and every form of protestant religion.

2. You can’t get a drink in Salt Lake City. So false. In fact, there are at least 18 bars in downtown Salt Lake City alone. Yes we have weird liquor laws as mentioned above, but we do still have alcohol and it’s really not that hard to find.

3. There are lots of polygamists. There are still some, however, the LDS or Mormon church banned polygamy back in 1890 so they are actually quite rare in Salt Lake City.

4. The Great Salt Lake is located in Salt Lake City. Actually it’s quite far from the city about an hour’s drive and isn’t even located in Salt Lake County.

5. There is nothing to do at night. Actually I wrote an entire blog post all about Things do do in Salt Lake City at Night.

6. The people who live in Salt Lake City are weird. Actually we aren’t any weirder than the people in any other city.

7. Everything is closed on Sunday. Again false, many things are closed on Sunday, in fact, more things than in many other cities, however, you can still find plenty of places that are open.

8. Everyone has 20 children. Okay so that is an exaggeration, however, many people assume that everyone in Salt Lake City has a lot of children. While some people do and there are more children here than in many cities, we don’t have that many.

9. Everyone in Salt Lake City goes to church on Sunday. While a high percentage of us are church goers, you will still find plenty of us who don’t go to church.

10. We are stuck in the previous century when it comes to technology, TV, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, we are considered one of the most tech savvy cities in the entire United States.