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10 Salt Lake Area Attractions You Don’t Want to Miss


Salt Lake Area Attractions are everywhere. In fact, many people don’t realize that Salt Lake City is full of amazing attractions. Here are our top 10 picks for Salt Lake area attractions you don’t want to miss.

  1. Temple Square. This is an obvious one. Temple Square is easily the most visited site in the state of Utah and ranks in the top 50 of visited attractions throughout the United States.  The headquarters of the Mormon or LDS church, there are millions who come to Salt Lake City each year just to see Temple Square. There are nice young female missionaries from all over the world here to greet you and they are happy to give you a free tour in your native language.  Open until 9 p.m. 7 days a week, we recommend you visit this Salt Lake area attraction last since many of the other Salt Lake area attractions on this list close as early as 5 p.m.
  2. This is the place heritage park.  This is a fun place for visitors of all ages.  Explore the site where Brigham Young the founder of Salt Lake City, said “This is the Place” drive on and where the Mormon pioneers first entered the Salt Lake valley. There are lots of activities here for both the old and the young. You can ride a train through the park.  Shop at an old fashioned candy shop. Explore pioneer homes and much much more.
  3. The Natural History Museum at the University of Utah Considered one of if not the best natural history museums in the United States, there is always something interesting to be found here. The displays and exhibits rotate and cover various topics.
  4. Red Butte Garden. Located next door to the Natural History Museum- this garden or should we say gardens has much to offer. During the Summer is is the site of a variety of concerts as well as weddings. Some of the most scenic hikes that allow you to look down on the Salt Lake Valley are found near Red Butte Garden. This is one of the must see Salt Lake area attractions.
  5. The Family History library and discovery center.  Curious about where you came from? Want to find out who is famous that you are related to? Then the Family History library and discovery center is a must visit.  The recently added discovery center makes this library more interesting and welcoming to children as well as adults. People come from all over the world to Salt Lake City just to see the Family History Library. Even if that isn’t the reason you are visiting Salt Lake City, you still want to find a few minutes to check out this amazing resource.
  6. The Utah state capitol building. Even if you aren’t usually a fan of state capitol buildings, you want to take at least thirty minutes to give this one a visit. This historic building has much to offer and is really beautiful.  Furthermore the visitor’s center and scenic view from the top make it worth your time to stop by.
  7. Utah’s Hogle Zoo- A medium sized zoo you will enjoy yourself at this Salt Lake City area attraction. While this zoo isn’t the size of some of the other larger zoos such as the San Diego zoo, or Omaha Nebraska’s zoo, we do have a large collection of animals including all of your favorites, a bird show, a train ride that runs through the zoo and other fun activities.
  8. The Living Planet Aquarium – Do you prefer mammals of the swimming kind? While the Hogle Zoo does offer a few of these, we also have a much larger selection at our Living Planet Aquarium. Here you can see all kinds of fish and other swimming mammals including of course, the shark tank and penguin areas.  The only drawback to this Salt Lake area attraction is that is is located in Draper, Utah about a 45 minute drive from downtown Salt Lake, so if you don’t have a car, then this attraction will be more difficult to access.
  9. The Olympic Legacy Park- Located in Park City, Utah about a twenty minute drive from Downtown Salt Lake City, this is a great fun place to take the entire family. During some seasons of the year and at certain times you can watch ski jumpers practice jumping into a pool. You can also go zip lining and do other fun activities in Summer, and go skiing and snow tubing in Winter. Plus there are monuments and tributes to the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic games for you to explore.
  10. The Clark Planetarium Have fun watching a star show or other imax movie, or check out one of the many astronomy related exhibits. There is also a Children’s museum next door with lots of great activities from both those small in size as well as those bigger children who are small in heart to enjoy.

What is your favorite of all of the Salt Lake area attractions? Did I miss something great? Tell me in the comments below.