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10 reasons to hire a double decker bus for your next event

Would you like to hire a double decker bus for your next event? Why not? In fact, here are 10 good reasons why you should consider hiring a double decker bus for your next event.

1. It has an open-top for you to enjoy the sun. What would be a Summer or even a late Spring or Fall event without the ability to enjoy the sun in an open-top double decker bus?

2. It’s unique. You will be able to say I had a double decker bus at my party and likely no one else will have had one.

3. It seats up to 62 people and most buses don’t seat that many people. In fact, it can be hard to find any bus that will seat groups of more than 45 people.

4. You can go on a thrilling ride through the streets in this one of a kind bus. When I ride our double decker, it reminds me of a disneyland ride to some degree.

5. You can bring food or drinks on our bus. Not everyone allows this. Yes it creates more work for us to clean up, but we are happy to allow you to enjoy food and drinks on our bus as a part of your event.

6. Just for the experience. Need we say more?

7. You can take amazing pictures. Yes really. The pictures you can take from our double decker bus are really something else. We get a lot of people taking pictures of our bus as it rides through the streets of Salt Lake City.

8. You can get a bird’s eye view literally. The double decker is only 6 inches shorter than the traffic lights.

9. It will make a big splash and you will get noticed.

10.It’s fun.

Interested? Contact us and let’s talk about it.