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10 Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing a Sightseeing Tour of Salt Lake City


Going on a sightseeing tour of Salt Lake City is a fun and exciting way to explore Salt Lake City and to learn about the city and what there is to do while you are here. There are lots of options available for Salt Lake City sightseeing tours. However, before you chose a Salt Lake City sightseeing tour, here are ten questions you want to ask and answer.

  1. How long is the Salt Lake City sightseeing tour that I am considering? Various tour companies offer tours of various lengths. There are tours that are all day long, there are tours that are 1-2 hours, and there are the tours that we offer that are a hop on and hop off so you can do our 90 minute tour but you can also chose how much longer you spend on your tour depending upon how many stops you decide to visit.  Each kind of tour provides you with a different experience.

2.  Where does the tour go? This may seem obvious but not all tours visit the same locations and in the same order. Along with this you need to make sure that the Salt Lake City sightseeing tour you are considering goes to the location or locations that you are wanting to visit.

3.  Do you need to book a reservation in advance or can you show up in Salt Lake City and go on the tour without a reservation?  Some tours require a reservation and others do not. Know ahead of time what you need to do in order to be able to go on the sightseeing tour.

4.  What are the rules for eating and drinking while on the tour? Some tours allow you to eat and drink while on the vehicle, whereas others do not. We do allow eating and drinking and in fact, we provide free water bottles on our double decker tour.

5. What kind of tour vehicles are used? Some companies use private cars, some have buses, some have trolleys and some have other kinds of vehicles. We have an open air bus, a trolley and an authentic double decker bus from England. (The only one in Utah.) Each kind of vehicle provides a different kind of sightseeing tour experience so you should know which vehicle you prefer if you have a preference.

6.  How much will the tour cost and will you get the maximum value for your money? The average Salt Lake City sightseeing tour costs between $30-$35 depending upon your age, the size of the group, the length of the tour and the company you use. Longer tours in general cost more than shorter tours.

7. Will the sightseeing tour company you are considering using allow you to customize your tour if you have a larger group? Or are you required to stick with their standard routine tour? This is important since some companies will create a custom tour for you on demand, (Custom Group Tours) whereas others will not.

8.  What is the schedule for the tour? Does the tour start at only 1-2 times or do you have multiple start times to choose from? Can you request a special tour start time if you have a large enough group?

9. Who is your tour guide? Is it someone who is well experienced? Do they provide a professional recording? How will the tour be delivered?

10.  If you decide you want to go on your Salt Lake City sightseeing tour more than once can you get a discount for multiple days?   While it is possible to see Salt Lake City in one day, if you have the time, taking full advantage of our many parks, museums and other historical sites will take more than one day.

Answer these questions before you book your next Salt Lake City sightseeing tour and you will be sure to have a great time. Welcome to Salt Lake City.