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10 People Who Should Not Take Our Salt Lake City Sightseeing Tour

salt lake city sightseeing tour

So you want to go on a Salt Lake City sightseeing tour? Awesome. We think that is one of the best ways to explore Salt Lake City and to learn more about our great city. While we love most of our customers, the reality is that sometimes we get people who come on our Salt Lake City tours and who either have unrealistic expectations or who make the tour miserable for others because of their behavior. So here are 10 kinds of people who should not take our Salt Lake City Sightseeing tour.

1. People who expect us to know everything about Salt Lake City and to cover ever building, monument etc. While we try and cover as much of Salt Lake City as possible, we can’t cover everything. There just isn’t the time and there are too many historical buildings for us to talk about them all.

2. People who expect us to never be a minute late and have everything perfect all the time. While we strive to stay on time, no transportation company including tour companies are ever going to be on time all the time. There is traffic. People are late or lost. We have big city events that we have to work with etc.

3. People with no sense of humor. While this isn’t a tour built around humor we do try and incorporate some humor into our Salt Lake City Sightseeing tour.

4. People with no flexibility. Yes we try and stick to a routine but life happens and if you can’t handle it, then you shouldn’t come on our tour.

5. People who will complain about every little thing they don’t like. While we strive to do the best we can and to please as many people as possible, we can’t guarantee you that you will love everything about our tour.

6. People who expect air conditioning or cool weather in July and August. Utah is a desert. As such it is hot in July and August. Our double deckers do not have air conditioning and they never will. That is one of the downsides of original British double decker buses, they never have air conditioning. We do have a trolley that is air conditioned but we only have 1 and as such can’t use it all the time. If you really hate the heat, then you should chose a different time of year to travel.

7. People who are going to compare Salt Lake City and our tours to Chicago, Seattle, New York and other cities 5-10 times or size. Salt Lake City is Salt Lake City. As such it is a smaller city when it comes to both tourism and population. You can’t expect to get the same frequency of tours or to find the same kinds of things here as you do in much larger cities.

8. People who expect our buses to run every 20-30 minutes. This related to number 6. Salt Lake City is a smaller city, as such we can’t run as frequently as in some larger cities. We don’t have the people to justify it. We wouldn’t make enough money to stay open.

9. Rude and disrespectful people. A sightseeing tour should be fun and as such we appreciate your politeness and nice behavior. When you are rude or disrespectful, you make the experience miserable for everyone else.

10. People who are going to compare us to other tours and tour companies. We are our own unique tour. As such we are not going to be the same as other tours. This is true for every other tour. They are all different.