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10 Great Ideas for a Staycation in Salt Lake City

staycation in Salt Lake City

Are you considering a staycation in Salt Lake City? If you live in or near Salt Lake City and you want to go on a vacation but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then a staycation in Salt Lake City may be just the perfect thing for you.

Here are 10 great ideas for a staycation in Salt Lake City.

1. Go on a hop on hop off tour of Salt Lake City. We offer our tours from May-October and offer buy one get one free for Utah residents. You can even buy a two day pass for only a few dollars more and spend two days exploring Salt Lake City. These discounted tickets must be bought in person on the bus or from our ticket sales cart at the Salt Palace, or our booth inside the council hall at the Capitol. (opening up on June 8, 2018)

2. Visit Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake. Go in the evening when it’s cooler and the animals come out.

3. Go for a Summer drive up Little and or Big Cottonwood Canyons. You can go for a hike or a nice walk, and enjoy nature.

4. Visit the Hogle Zoo. It’s also one of the stops on our tour.

5. Visit Park City and check out the Olympic Park, hikes, restaurants and other things to do in Park City.

6. Check out the Clark Planetarium. You can visit the museum part for free and their star shows are awesome and not very expensive.

7. Check out the Discovery Children’s Museum and afterwords you can go and play in the water fountains at the Gateway Olympic Park.

8. Attend a food truck roundup and try different foods from various local food trucks. They happen on a regular basis at both the Gateway and the Gallivan Plaza.

9. Go on a segway tour of Salt Lake City. This is only for the brave and those who have good balance but it is still worth checking out.

10. Visit different restaurants and sample a variety of the foods.

What is your favorite staycation in Salt Lake City activity? Let us know in the comments below.